March 13

Travel Speed and Making Space


I was never going to be that person…you know. The one with all the rules, the systems, to manage everything in their lives. Rock-solid routines. Schedules. To-do lists.

The regimented person…

I really love living a freewheeling lifestyle. Or freewheeling, by my standards, anyway.

“Eat when you’re hungry; sleep when you’re tired; work when you’re focused; play as much as you can.” I usually thrive this way.

But since I moved, I’ve found the demands on my energy have shifted. A lot.

While I still can (and do) listen to those inner nudges, I’ve also started supplementing my go-to-no-rules approach with more structure in some areas.

It helps, although it still feels a bit foreign to me sometimes. But it may be one of the ways you choose to make space for receving, next week.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook forecast is “Traveling,” aka Eight of Wands (came in reversed). Advice is “Receptivity,” aka Queen of Cups. These are from the beautiful–and often blunt–Osho Zen Tarot deck.

Upright, the Eight of Wands suggests energy surrounding us is fast-paced and matters will resolve quickly, one way or another. Reversed, it’s quite possible we feel overwhelmed or unready to manage life at the pace it seems to be coming at us.

Or maybe I project..,

Regardless, this imagining of the Queen of Cups has advice written right in the title: receptivity.

Being receptive is being ready. No matter what you’re receiving, you must make space for it: either physical space, emotional space, whatever. You can’t pour into a full cup. To be ready to receive anything, you have to have room in your life for it.

For me, things like getting more organized, batch cooking, going to bed earlier, picking a day each week to clean the house–all this structure that I’d historically avoided I’m now finding helpful and grounding.  It’s a way of streamlining, making space in my life and allowing attention and energy to be spent more efficiently.

And you’ve got to have energetic space, even when it seems like life is firing at you full speed. I’m reminded of Star Wars.


Once the energy in your life reaches a certain velocity, it becomes impossible to manually steer every little detail. You need a way to navigate without having to think every little thing out. This is where you must trust the force.

The structure can help you maintain a certain amount of quiet space to keep your connection open and the guidance, flowing. Here, your get gentle messages and nudges to lead you step by step by step through the whole process. It’s easier. It’s cleaner. It works better.

This week, I’d encourage you to keep up with your habits and systems, as they can provide a lot of structure and help when life feels like it’s going a bit too fast. In between, be sure to save some quiet time so you can also receive guidance and inspiration. It helps you move along with the flow, not having to stop and analyze all the fleeting specifics. This approach will yield the best results and even better, won’t make you feel crazy.

Stay safe out there, friends!

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Eight of Wands, Osho Zen, Queen of Cups

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