November 30

11/30/11: Get out before she blows! | Tower, 3 Swords, Rev Ace Cups


Denial is powerful. I can’t condemn anyone for it because I’ve done it myself, just as much as the next guy. I understand how it serves, keeping painful realities at bay when you’re not quite ready to process them. But honestly, the longer it goes on, the bigger the tab at the end. If you have inkling, why not try to open yourself up to what you’re getting?


Well, I didn’t exactly get an easy time of it for today’s Tarot, huh? Eeek! We’ve got the Tower (Mars), the Three of Swords (Saturn in Libra) and the inverted Ace of Cups (Water). We’re looking at very disruptive and painful energy overall. This spread makes me think of a breakup, where one finds out their partner has been pretending to feel something other than what they really do, maybe for a long time…

Not that I can’t spin it. It’s just the sugar doesn’t wipe out the aftertaste. The scoop—whatever’s come crashing down lately? Good reason for it. Yes, it hurts. You probably miss what you used to have, no question. But do bear in mind, those things that break really needed breaking. There were weak spots in there already. You just didn’t want to see. I feel ya on that.

The trick here to minimizing damage is making sure you’re not camped out in that tower. That means being willing to see the writing on the wall, the cracks in the foundation, being willing to acknowledge what doesn’t quite smell right. That smoke you are smelling? It’s not burnt dinner. It’s a fire! While it undoubtedly costs us to openly acknowledge, it will cost more not to, so best take those lumps as they come.

And as emotionally draining as it is when it hits, it doesn’t stay that way forever. You make your peace with all things, in due time. People are resilient and sometimes, with a little distance and detachment, you can even see where all ultimately serve you…if you decide to live  that way, that is.

Do you avoid seeing painful realities before they smack you down?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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3-Card Spread, Ace of Cups, Radiant Rider Waite, Three of Swords, Tower

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  1. My life just went off the rails.

    Husband just gave me 2 weeks to purge everything except functional & spiritual possessions (1 box for quilting & 1 box of fave decor stored) so we can live more simply and in keeping with our pain levels or we break up. Love isn’t the issue. I’ve been in denial about my declining ability to multitask physical & time consuming activities. He’s been fed up for 2 years. I told him a decade ago when we married he was more important than any thing. Now he’s calling me on it. What’s sad is it was about my ego, not stuff.

    So I’m embarking on a new journey of realistic physical expectations sans pride to prove to my husband clutter & spastic projects don’t make me happy. I didn’t realize how set aside he felt. Now I just hope I’m not too late to save what I cherish.

  2. (((Garnet))), I’m so PROUD of you for facing your “ego” & putting your husband before your stuff. The hug isn’t for you willing to toss stuff the hug it’s because of the shock I’m sure you felt that your husband didn’t say anything early on when it could’ve been handled with less emotion/hurt/purging.

    I hope everything works out for y’all.

  3. My reading last night talked about letting go of denial and seeing through illusions that I have been holding on to.
    This is so dead on with what I have been dealing with!

  4. My additional problem, right now, isn’t that – although I have had more than one tower warning (and the last few months have left me feeling like I’m cracking up). I resent that, knowing how I was feeling, somebody made my name mud over an *assumption*, and made things worse for me. I had someone do that to me a year ago, funnily enough, and I’m friendly with just about everyone involved, since the truth came out, but being thrown under a bus when I was/am admittedly in a bad way – it is cruel. and over an *assumption*. Having someone you thought was a friend, go along with it, too – because they love the community so much. I don’t care if it’s online, it’s cruel. I thought last year was bad? psh. It upset me last year, and I backed off from everyone for a few months, but now? with this head space, and their revelling in their “triumph”? cruel. and then another person wants to continue to insult me? worse. and over their own assumption.

    “Do you avoid seeing painful realities before they smack you down?”

    No, and I try to avoid it – although I didn’t realize, two years ago, just how low someone would sink. since then, I’ve realized that even when saying what they think you want to hear, they make everything your fault. I see my own fault, so it’s easy to make things my problem, until I back up and say, “wait a minute!” the extent of the fallout for myself, is what I don’t see, when I have let someone into my life and loved and trusted them. The timing was the big part, otherwise I would be over it by now. I was listening to my gut, and asking for help from whome/dixiblog/domains/ is supposedly out there, as I paid attention, and received no help when I was already depressed, and it’s been an awful two years. that person will say anything to make themselves look good, and when I made the mistake of trying to let things go and forgive them, early this year, they acted as though they’d forgiven me (*me*), and were being good sports. peace didn’t last long.

    It’s my mother’s birthday today, so I need to pull myself together again. Sorry for the long comment.

  5. Oh, yes: I had one of the main offenders last year, in the mess I mentioned, warn me to watch my back this Summer. I don’t go around trying to hurt people, or screw them over, so this is all new to me. I had the same warnings last year, and then couldn’t believe it when something actually happened (I wasn’t automatically believing gossip, and was taking people as they presented themselves).

    So, I can be that naive at times. I always used to believe that the truth and the good would win out, but that’s just for children’s books. if something good is out there, then it shouldn’t push people to a breaking point – and i know there are so many people suffering in different ways, that it makes no sense to me.

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