January 21

Tower Rx: First things First


You don’t really miss how much you rely on your right leg until you can’t use it anymore.

Isn’t this true of everything?

I’m supposed to keep it up–elevated as much as possible. No weight-bearing. This means I’m spending most of my time in bed. I’m in week four and it wears on you, just a little.

Now, my husband is taking excellent care of me. I’m well looked after. It’s far from the end of the world. But still, it’s disruptive. I need help with damn near everything. I don’t like that much.

This is the energy we’ve got incoming.¬†You might be feeling a different expression than me. I certainly hope so!

But the way it comes across in general is as a drive to get on with life in whatever capacity, but there are messes to be cleaned up, adjustments to be made, issues to be resolved, first. You’ve got to fill out your paperwork, figuratively or literally, before your appointment with future potential, basically.

For me, I’ve got to heal my leg before I can walk again. It’s not something I can force, evade, or power through no matter how impatient I might feel. In trying to force the issue, I could do real damage. So it’s going to have to be one little step at a time while allowing for stabilization and grounding along the way. Looking for those lighthouses!

That’s pretty much the energy of the upcoming forecast in a nutshell. First things first, like it or not.

Scheduling Sessions Update: I’m currently accepting both Zodiac Look-Ahead and general sessions for audio/email delivery as long as you are okay with a potentially slower-than-normal turnaround time. I’ll be re-evaluating my phone work after I visit the doctor in a few days. So I’ll keep you posted!

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook this coming week in the Tower, reversed. I guess if you’ve got to have the tower, let it be upside down.¬†Advice is also reversed: the Knight of Wands. Cards from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

Yes, life still feels upside down. The world (or more specifically, YOUR world) probably seems to be in some degree of disarray. You probably don’t like it.

I feel you here, friends!

That’s okay, on all fronts. The chaos is temporary, not the new forever-normal. We may have had to shed an outdated system, adjust to a dramatically new reality, or drop the old ways in favor of what works with the now, our very own personal and updated present moment.

Advice as the reversed Knight of Wands would suggest holding one’s tongue for the moment, not finalizing agreements or not being in a big hurry to write anything down and decide, “this is how it is now.” Your now is now, of course, but it probably won’t be your tomorrow, if you’re following this.

When you can play things by ear, you’ll “hear” plenty you’ve not heard before. Active listening, making the choice to tune in and request a clearer picture, will start opening up your field of vision and allowing you to get a handle on where you’re at.

It’s a time to step back and look for bigger context. The bigger picture will show us how today’s partial disruption fits in to the wider reality, what matters and what does not. That’s what we’re looking for at this juncture.

Are you in a “slight chaos” phase now? How are you coping?

Be well out there, friends.

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Knight of Wands, Legacy of the Divine, The Tower

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