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08/15/11: Thundering Truths | Reversed Tower


tower-reversed-tarotEpiphanies—sometimes, they suck! But it doesn’t make them any less vital.

“There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. Other people will try to make you miserable; don’t help them by doing the job yourself.” -Laurell K. Hamilton

maj16sToday’s Tarot forecast is the Tower reversed or Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty, associated with Mars. The Mystic Dreamer version is not quite as chilling as the traditional RWS version—no people plummeting out the windows!–but the disruption is evident nonetheless, as you’d expect for a Mars-ruled card.

What’s built on illusion, sooner or later, it’s coming down. This is what the Tower illustrates—building upon false premises, creating an unstable foundation. The more doggedly you cling, refusing to acknowledge discrepancies, denying and self-deluding, the harder the fall.  Inverted, the worst fallout is most likely done, although I’d expect bits and pieces of understanding to pop up amidst the rubble for some time.

The inverted Tower is indication the war is not in full swing—it could be coming or going, but whatever structure wasn’t solid or real has been or is in process of being decimated. It’s over, not coming back in the form it once appeared. If you’re willing to let go of the illusion, you won’t be one of those folks tumbling from burning mess.

Do you see a Tower falling around you?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  1. “doggedly you cling, refusing to acknowledge discrepancies, denying and self-deluding, the harder the fall” DENIAL – not just a river in Egypt-LOL! Since I’ve had a tendancy to reject reality & insert my own I know first hand how hard that fall really is. What’s even more painful is to look back & say WTF – why in the world did I think this way in the first place!?

    I’ve thought some of the “lessons” for the past few years have been more for others but I’ve recently come to realize I my lesson is even more important so I don’t repeat my mistakes. Even shifting my thinking about what situation the Tower represents. My mind has a tendency to go back to one very specific situation even when there are other “towers” crumbling or have crumbled.

    Yes, I do see a few towers crumbling & they all had delusional foundations. Hopefully in the future I’ll wait until a foundation has been solidified by REALITY before I offer to help decorate the tower.

    Good stuff Dixie & GOOD VIBES TO ALL!!

  2. This is a fitting and good sign for me. Time is moving on and build a better foundation for me… one step at a time. the mess is still happening, yet so it the clean up… it is all the refinement after seeing that illusion and the delusion I was seeing. Trust in self is building again, after quite a fall. Time to pick myself up, dust myself off… and keep moving before more falls on my head.

  3. This is interesting, after what went on (or more accurately – what DIDN’T go on) this weekend.

    Yep… I see this as: the Tower has fallen. The illusion has collapsed. I pushed the plunger myself. And for a moment I thought: oh what have I done?!

    But you know what? Good. I don’t want something built on illusions, fantasies. I want the real thing. Something solid & real. So it’s time to roll up my sleeves and start building the real thing.

    And damn but if this isn’t empowering!

  4. Wow… Really fun to see such a positive reception to this card. I felt/feel the same way and wanted to share that. I am embracing it. Feeling like the stuff that is collapsing is stuff that I do not need, and am glad to be free of its hold over me. It feels like a lot of old paradigm beliefs are … well, the last few bits that were holding up the structure for me, including some big cornerstones, have recently been removed, and now here goes the whole building. And it does feel like the worst fallout is already done, and hit me hard on the way out, but now I am out of the building and enjoying watching it fall.

    I wish I could always feel so receptive to whatever is, and cards appear, and realize it is just a matter of perception, interpretation, and really trusting that even the hard and seemingly scary stuff is for the best (so no need to resist or be fearful!) Thanks for these wonderful daily… hm… huge contributions!

  5. Yep, I’m with all you Dixie peeps! :chick:

    Feels like the collapse has been an internal one for me. All of me falling apart. I think I’m at the end of it, and now I can create without a lot of crap in my way!

    Thanks, Dixie!

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