October 19

10/19/11: Evading the Thunderbolts | Rev Tower


osho-zen-tarot-cardsWhat is it you avoid looking at? What do you lie to yourself about? What do you turn away from, not wanting to see the cracks? Maybe it’s a drug problem, or a marriage going downhill or a health issue or a friend spinning out or whatever.Whatever it is you are invested in not seeing? Take a peek.

Today’s Tarot is Thunderbolt reversed, better known as The Tower and ruled by Mars. It’s violent upheaval. This is one of those cards people hate to see, but what are you going to do? The Tower is irrevocable—what’s is coming down is coming down and the only option you have here is either going down with or staying the Hell out of the way.

Needless to say, I suggest option two.

I have to admit, I haven’t always taken my own advice. The biggest drama in my life, I would have unquestionably seen it coming, had I been willing. But maybe we don’t want to acknowledge impending doom. Or don’t know how to fix it. Or maybe we’d have to make some hard changes, grow in uncomfortable ways. So we scrunch our eyes shut, put our hands over our ears, and try to block it out.

It’s when we have vested interest in not seeing the Tower comes to bite you in the ass. Foundations not built on truth eventually crumble. If you’re in the middle of it, you’re gonna get clobbered.

On the flip side, this perspective hands us the bright side of the the tower: minimize impact by being scrupulously honest, first and foremost with yourself. Being in that tower when it goes down is a function of denial or avoidance. It’s a righteous and predictable tragedy. Stay on the right side of it.

Don’t ignore the writing on the wall, and don’t sweet talk yourself into believing what you want instead of listening to your inner voice and reasoning mind, man. Get out before the place goes down.

Any Towers in your neighborhood?

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  1. Oh, wow, Dixie!!

    Yes, yes, yes! Towers falling all around me. I’m carefully witnessing and holding space for all, and keeping my boundaries in place. Sending prayers and Reiki almost constantly, it seems. It’s difficult at times – feeling rather scattered now and then, but then I pull myself back, and do something I love, like walking the doggers or playing my music. And of course, nothing grounds you better than pitching horse manure out of stalls. LOL!

    I keep checking myself to see if the Tower is mine – if it is, I can’t see it. (But then I’ve got NN in 12th house – lol!)

    At any rate, I’m doing ok, and staying balanced and calm.

    Great card, Dixie. Fits right in with the “Via Combusta” the planets are in right now!

  2. Yep, I have been watching that tower for some time now. I am in the process of getting my own duck in a row, so when that tower crumbles, I can support myself and my children.

  3. This card freaks me out more than any other. And what’s funny (or more ironic maybe) is that when I get I’m likely to stop the reading right then.”OOH I don’t want to know that!” LOL, ok, bad practice I know but also know that I realize, too late..you’ve already seen it so best deal with whatever it may be.

    Anyway, towers in my neighborhood? Probably, but that just means if they fall there will be fresh ground for a more fertile foundation.

  4. “Don’t ignore the writing on the wall, and don’t sweet talk yourself into believing what you want instead of listening to your inner voice and reasoning mind, man. Get out before the place goes down.”

    I struggle with seeing things as being “writing on the wall” versus “it doesn’t mean a thing to me/us”. I overanalyze & see things as signs then I want to warn and protect. However, today you ask the question… “Any Towers in YOUR neighborhood?” Wise words once again Dixie, I need to figure out what the tower means to ME! Even more important don’t lie to oneself about what you see coming toward the tower that could take it down.

    There’s a great song “All along the watchtower” by Jimmy Hendricks written by Bob Dylan. The visuals from the words have great meaning to what you wrote about the tower card today. The Prince keeping the view in the watchtower sees the two riders approaching but does he paying attention to everything or only what HE wants to see and address?

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