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06/02/12: What’s coming down? | Tower


IMG_2187Really, Tarot? I commit to a single card draw today and you whip out chaos for me? Oy.

Okay. We’ve got the Tower—cue ominous background music—ruled by Mars. This version from Shadowscapes is a lot friendlier than most, what with no screaming people careening into the cliff amid flames of death or anything. But however pretty the picture, the Tower is not an easy energy to address.

Note carefully, I don’t say it’s a “bad card.” There are NO bad cards. Keep repeating this to yourself until you actually believe it. It’s not getting easy-energy cards that counts, it’s getting THE card you need at exactly the time you need it that makes it a “good card.” Got that?

When you see the Tower, expect disruption. Delays, deception and chaos are likely companions to the Tower.

And how is that not bad, the cheekier of my readers may ask?

Well, the Tower never falls without a reason. Clue one. And the Tower card can warn us it’s coming.  Clue two. The fall of a Tower has it’s proper time and place in the Universal order, you know?

I’m not saying it’s fun. Towers crashing seldom are, especially if you see folks go down with the structure. But you know, there’s that free will thing and all. I respect the fact it’s an individual right to pick their own path, wherever it leads.

Are you seeing Tower energy out there?

P.S. We’ve got a Lunar Eclipse coming. Not too surprising to see the Tower,  considering…

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Shadowscapes, The Tower

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  1. I’m seeing plenty of “Towers’. I had a mini-meltdown a few days ago Yet I pulled some pretty loving cards from The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck. This Lunar Eclipse has me feeling antsy big time. My nerves are really bad! I’m a worry wart by nature so it doesn’t take much to cause me to spin out of control.

    When I pulled two cards from The Earth Magic Oracle, I pulled “Full Moon” and “Volcano/Volatility” I honestly think It’s going to get worse before it gets better for me. I really need a break from all of this emotional intensity.

  2. The Tower – How F***ing perfect!!

    A recent dream interpretation sent my mind reeling and I woke up pondering some things about it, I just sent you and e-mail before reading your Daily Tarot.

    I think you answered my question with the Tower today. OMG, Dixie, I don’t know what to think. I have to call my dad!

  3. I’m not seeing it yet, but sure am feeling it — that ominous feeling. Funny thing, I was even speaking with a co-worker last night about those dreams of when the whole sky scraper rocks and snaps. Feels like the tower has already begun shaking, and the snap and crumbling is about to show very soon. I know such destructions are a necessary part of life, but still they are nerve-rattling until they shake me up enough that I have to surrender and let go!

  4. Yeah, I can see how the Tower is present, with Full Moon energy ready to rear it’s head it’s time to break down those blinders of delusion and see what is really in front of us.

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