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03/06/14: Crisis vs. Calamity / Tower



Uh…okay. The Tower is teaming up with “negative influences.” Like you need me to interpret this?!


Here’s what I’ve got for you on this combo: the hard part is NOT that the world is coming to an end. The hard part is that it FEELS like the world is coming to an end! See the difference?

It’s the distinction between crisis and calamity. Calamity is forever. We’re not talking calamity. We’re talking crisis.

Neither is fun. But crisis is a temporary state. It’s the disruption of crisis that is so damn painful, leaving people feeling as it they are ripped apart in it’s wake. Nothing feels like it will ever be the same, nor does it feel like life will ever be “okay” again.

And maybe life won’t ever be just the same. But it will be okay, eventually. You just have to power your way through the crisis. Maybe understanding the role of disruption—and looking for comfort through developing routines, ways to work out nervous tension, familiarity and structure in your everyday existence—will take out some of the sting.

Hope you don’t need this advice but if you do, I sure hope it helps!

You feeling disrupted?

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