December 14

12/14/12: After the Blast | Tower


Family upheaval. Losing a job. Divorce. Loved one’s death. These are just a few circumstances worthy of the Tower, here described simply as “Disruption.”

You don’t get to be my age without having had a few Tower moments, but the fewer, the better!  Those times when your life seems to be crumbling about your feet, you have no idea how you’re going to go on, and everything you counted on, everything you believed, in is no longer there for you? Those. Just thinking of those times gives me a bit of a cringe.

That having been said, I really like this rendition of the Tower. While I often complain of the Psychic Tarot Oracle’s tendency to soft-pedal difficult cards, this one carries the basic message intact, but personalizes it. Rather than an aerial overview of people falling out of a burning tower, it provides a close-up on the individual impact. He’s one of the ones who made it out intact, more or less. Probably because he heeded the signs when they became clear that the place was going down, man.

See how he’s got his arms crossed over his chest? It’s almost like he’s protecting his heart charka, to block out the pain. Notable, he IS still standing, although he no doubt feels like he’s falling apart or been sliced to pieces. I also like the fact that the cloud of destruction is clearly behind him. He certainly has healing to do, but he’s capable of putting it in his past provided he keeps his wits about him.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be relating to this fellow, you may be on overwhelm. Protect your heart stringently now, limit draining interactions, and do some righteous self-care in whatever form best feeds you. Just don’t forget to unblock that heart energy flow once your basic wounds have been tended. You NEED the connection, long term. But there’s nothing wrong with shutting out the outside world for a little bit and just curling up for a nap, too. It takes times to heal and it’s a good idea to dedicate your resources to doing just that.

Are you feeling or seeing disruption around you? (Hope not!)

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Psychic Tarot Oracle, The Tower

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  1. I’ve almost commented here ay on this several times today. Such a sad event.

    And I am greatful for the Strengh card from yesterday. I really needed the inner stength to get through my morning’s work.

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