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01/24/14: Buying a Ticket for One / 8 of Cups


8 of CupsWhomever you “work” beside—at a job, at home, in projects or otherwise in life—time for some emotional distance. This translates into trusting others to solve their own problems, with your own life and well-being as top priority, and not expecting other people to be you. They aren’t, you know.

The Eight of Cups may seem like a sad card to some, but not to me. To me, it’s a card of relief and release. It’s a card of freedom! This guy is headed towards the mountains (goals) through the sometimes emotional (watery) winding path.

Notice how those cups are all still standing in the background? Mr. Eight of Cups does not destroy anything before he turns around to go his own way. An emotional hit-and-run would have left overturned cups in a big heap. Instead, he makes a choice only for HIMSELF. That make seem like a subtle difference, but it’s far from it.

Your job isn’t to bring someone along on your trip. It’s to plot your own trip and undertake it. The co-workers can join or not once underway. There’s no guarantee they won’t. But the trip isn’t dependent on anybody else. Got that? YOUR itinerary here.

Be clear on your intentions and confident of your direction. Don’t hand over responsibility for your life to anyone else, and don’t try to take up responsibility for anyone else yourself. I’m not thinking so much in terms of right or wrong as right or wrong for YOU.

Feel like you’re buying a ticket for one?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems[Trimmed and Glittered]

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Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

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Deck of 1000 Spreads, Eight of Cups

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  1. How do you handle someone who wants to come along on your trip, uninvited? I wish I had the energy to lose them, but I don’t.

    1. Well Hell, Rachael. That is a whole different kettle of worms, ain’t it? ‘Can’t really speak to your specific situation in the context of a daily/general forecast. But I do feel for you. Will send you some good vibes, for whatever that’s worth…

  2. I see this card as positive too. Hopeful. But, there is a sense of endurance. I really like that the cups are not turned over. Anywho, great write up! As always

  3. “Don’t hand over responsibility for your life to anyone else, and don’t try to take up responsibility for anyone else yourself. ”


  4. This is amusing as my current coworker – and we have to work pretty closely together! – drives me a little batty. (In fairness, I probably drive her a bit nutty, too.) I can’t talk about anything that she doesn’t either have a bigger/better/prettier/more impressive version, or that she doesn’t pick at to find fault. It’s old, three weeks in, and while I don’t engage her any more than I have to … I have to. A lot.

    I’m really glad it’s Friday and I’m going to feed my soul a bit over the weekend. I also really like your write up and interpretation of this card.

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