November 22

11/22/11: Heartbreak to Possibilities | 3 of Swords, 8 of Wands


You know, I should be annoyed at Tarot. I’ve gotten a run of the Three of Swords lately, and Lord knows, that’s a card nobody likes to get! But I won’t. Number one, it does no good—more like tempting fate. And secondly, if you’re getting it, there’s a reason, right?


3_of_Swords8_of_WandsOne of the things I dig about using non-traditional decks like Osho Zen is that it sheds some new light on old cards, giving you additional nuances that you can call upon. Today’s Tarot forecast paring is an excellent example.

The Three of Swords/Clouds (Saturn in Libra), here as Ice-olation, and the Eight of Wands/Fire (Mercury in Sagittarius) or Traveling, both have a slightly different feeling than their traditional brethren while still retaining the core concept.

Commonly known as the “Heartbreak card,” Isolation emphasizes the fact this pain here comes from the separation itself, not necessarily the value of what was lost. It’s a cold, sad place to be, but we don’t have to stay there. In fact, the Eight of Wands suggests we won’t spend long there, as that’s the card of impending resolution most often.

This version of that card is especially beautiful, showing an Eagle’s eye view of the landscape. It doesn’t emphasize lack, but possibility. If you suffer a loss, having a wide range of possibility appear in it’s stead is a pretty awesome development, don’t you think? By not curling up in agony over what’s gone, you can open yourself to what’s next.

These two cards in tandem are quite a pair, really. Because they aptly describe how you feel with just about any breakup. This is how it works, whether you’re breaking up with a mate, a job, or even just a vision of how things are/might be/should be. Whatever it is, the energy is the same. What you know for sure is that you’re going someplace new. And that is not such a bad thing.

So what if things are not the way you wanted them to be or thought they would end up? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that the future IS in motion, energy is moving and you are most certainly NOT stuck. So take a deep breath, survey the landscape and  appreciate the possibilities. You’ll know, before long.

Are you seeing possibilities on the horizon?

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Eight of Wands, Osho Zen, Three of Swords

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  1. Whew. No doubt. Go read my FB page if you want the nitty gritty on it, Dix, but it’s a new day with an old slamdance. And this time? Not one tear from me – he even managed to alienate his sister. It is, indeed, the separation – combined with worry for him and those around him – rather than the losing him again.

    Thank you for this. Needed it BADLY this morning! Good thing my reports are so long they are taking forever to download before I leave for work.

  2. I’m seeing fewer and fewer possibilities on the horizon, Dixie. Normally optimistic, I just don’t seem to be able to locate my rose-colored glasses these days. This Saturnine perspective will pass, I hope. Most things do–bad phases and sour outlooks as well as good phases and rosey outlooks.

    This is a beautiful pairing of cards. I love the Osho deck, too, and find it both practical and inspiring. Talk helps a lot when we’ve isolated ourselves. Merc in Sag (8 of Wands) just might be a clue that we need to talk ourselves into a happier place. Break the ice. Melt our cold hearts with a little fire.

    Wishing you a lovely holiday, Dixie. I’m grateful for you.

  3. Wow, very different view using the Osho Zen deck. Gives me food for thought on my current situation. I am seeing possibilities on the horizon, but as the image of the 8 shows, while I have a good view, the details are difficult to determine at this time. Thanks, Dixie

  4. Thanks Dixie, this is so perfect! Yesterday, just before we were about to close the deal on the place we were going to buy, we found out its furnace died over the weekend and the brutal cold-snap froze all the pipes! So we won’t be buying that one anymore. Sucks, cause in many ways it was perfect, but awesome because new options are popping out of the woodwork. Exactly what you wrote.

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