September 23

Three of Pentacles: Rung by Rung


I’ve called a permanent moratorium on all self-criticism. Some would consider that folly. I don’t.

What we consider mistakes and mis-turns and those experiences that we didn’t intentionally set out to take? They shape us in ways we couldn’t easily reach otherwise. The times we’ve gone off our trail help point out more clearly, where our trail is.

Every second of every minute of every day has helped shape who you are. Maybe you rode a rocky path, but no matter what path, it expanded your understanding and planted within a deeper, stronger desire for the smoother path at the same time. It made your world bigger.

When we criticize ourselves, it widens the gap, between what we’re living and our best selves–who we are, at a soul level. That’s why it hurts.

Our highest self sees all through a filter of love. Pure love.

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The same is true of criticizing others. That’s why, when you’re thinking about how much someone sucks, it feels yuck. We ascribe it to said person’s suckage factor, but that’s not the real cause. Hating on someone is simply not who you really are, in your purest and truest form.  It takes you a step away from your core, your center. It feels off because it IS off.

But you can always get back on center–without fussing at yourself for being off–and appreciate the time out of whack for the gifts it gives you. You can appreciate the way it points you back on course and contributes to the whole.

Like someone climbing a ladder, you have access to a bigger picture now. You may not know what it looks like at the top of the ladder, but you can see more today than yesterday.

Here, we have the Three of Pentacles, shown as a vine wound up a ladder bearing Pentacle fruit. Each step up brings a slightly larger perspective. You may not even be able to tell the difference, from one to another but over time, the difference becomes more evident. Your plans may shift from where they started but each rung on the ladder contributes to the whole. From many experiences, a new one is born over time.

That means there are no wrong steps.

We sometimes kick ourselves, when things haven’t turned out the way we’ve planned. Rather than harsh self-scrutiny, try approaching all things with the idea that you’re looking for the gift. There always is a gift to be had and if you can find it and appreciate it, the other parts stop mattering. It grants a sense of freedom from outside influences. You are no longer at the mercy of what is happening. You’ll feel more connected: appreciation is a pure energy. It’s part of your true self.

This week, take any opportunity that comes up to forgive yourself. Let yourself off the hook first; you’ll immediately find it easier to let others off the hook as result.  It makes it easier to be fully in the present and it just feels better.

We ascend a ladder one rung at a time. Rung by rung, we live and become more than who we are, today. Whatever rung you’re on now is the right one, because it’s where you are now. I

Now is the only place you have any power. Being kind to yourself helps make the most of it.

Be well out there! ♥

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