September 17

Three of Swords Rx: Playing the Hand You’ve Got


Feeling a loss (with more loss threatened)? You’re probably not alone.

Many times, we don’t have any real choice in playing the hand we have at the moment. So all we can do is adjust how we play it. This week’s forecast speaks to that.

Next Week in the Cards

Our outlook is the reversed Three of Swords (ICE-OLATION here) with advice from Nine of Cups (LAZINESS). Cards from Osho Zen.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell how much I’m projecting on these forecasts, but I gotta think the themes are consistent with the collective even when the specifics are unique for each person.

That outlook speaks of anticipated losses to me. In particular, it’s a loss that may be difficult for others to understand or even see. Doesn’t mean it’s not real, though. That pain is just as stabby whether or not it’s visible to the world at large.

In terms of advice, we’re still on the same vibe as we’ve been recently:  look for whatever contentment you can find and latch on! Find your spots of gratitude and work them. Relax, be kind to yourself, and don’t try to “fix” because it isn’t going to work anyway.

Sometimes, you have no choice about the specifics of a situation. Instead, your choices are about how you frame it and what you focus on.

Make good use of that choice of framing this coming week. It will help.

Stay safe and sane out there, friends. I’m rooting for you!

Much love,

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Nine of Cups, Osho Zen Tarot, Three of Swords

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