April 29

Three of Swords: Defining Moments as Doorways


When I was young, I thought the defining moments of my life would be made up of joyous milestones. Turning 21! Graduations, weddings, and promotions would somehow tell me who I was. Rituals and accomplishments would bring these pinnacles to be served up on a silver platter, or so I thought.

I had it utterly backward.

My defining moments have not been made up of smiling pictures and pretty dresses. They’ve pretty much always come when I’ve been alone, feeling beat up, beaten down and tired. They’ve come most clearly in struggle, not in peace. How we deal with pressure and transition does more to shape us than the bows we take when we’ve reached a goal.

I’ve come to the conclusion that defining moments are forged most clearly as we do what feels right in our hearts, despite any pressure otherwise. Outside voices do not matter. This is 100% an inside job.

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I’d advise doing that, this week for sure. And every week thereafter.

This Week in Tarot

In order to move toward something new, by default something old must be left behind. We’re looking at this kind of motion right now.

Three of Swords Tarot, Apple Blossom

Here we’ve got the Three of Air–better known as the Three of Swords from the Good Tarot, along with Apple Blossoms from the Botanical Inspirations Deck.

The Good Tarot uses the phrase “Rejection is God’s protection” in describing this card. The Three of Swords often denotes a painful separation. While I’d probably never put it quite that way to someone in the middle of a heartbreak, there is a lot of truth in that perspective. The apple blossom is associated with choices, knowledge, and illumination. It compliments the Tarot’s message nicely here, emphasizing separation is sometimes the result of choices, growth and increasing clarity.

When things don’t work out, there’s almost always a very good reason why. There’s also almost always an opportunity for a defining moment.

There is a metamorphosis underway. Consider whether you want to (or have to) let go and move on at this point.

Armchair astrology note: I’m not surprised to see this sort of message like the cherry on top of a Scorpio full moon. Full moons are a time of release and Scorpio is an intense, emotional energy. Not lightweight! People are under significant pressure and stressed, so make allowance for that as much as you can.

Appreciate the contribution of what you’re leaving behind to where you are, right now. All that clarification has helped you grow into the “new you.” It helped shape you and you cannot love yourself while hating the events that defined you. But always, make your choices based on what your heart says is true and right. Then, what feels like a mess turns into a defining moment.

Take a deep breath, and walk through the door with appreciation in your heart for all that’s come before. Make this transition a defining moment.

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  1. Standing at the door of a defining moment right this very moment. Funny I was called to your site and found this post. Thank you for still being here and for the recent email.

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