August 2

08/02/11: Motoring from the Heart



“Love is metaphysical gravity.” –R. Buckminster Fuller

cups03sToday’s Tarot forecast is the Three of Waves (aka Three of Cups) or “Lord of Abundance” associated with Mercury in Cancer. You bring your sense of home and belonging with you.

Thoughts and emotions are inextricably interwoven. I like the Earthiness in Water because while combining the two could make up mud, it can also give substance (Earth) to imagination (Water).

I’ve been harping on “moving on” for what seems like forever now. Fair enough—the cards say what they like, after all. I just pull ’em and pontificate a minute. Here, though, we’ve got a little sense of the freedom this willingness to let go provides.

Once you’ve left that baggage behind , you can travel light. The miles between where you were and where you’re going start to rack up, and you can look out the window and dream a bit, you know? Not to worry, though (even though Mercury is prone)—you’ve got “home” with you. You carry it around in your heart. Look to those who rejoice with you over the miles you’re racking up.

This would be a good time for enjoying friends, family and anyone dear to you. By that, I don’t mean biological family, although it could be. I mean to revel in the company of those who leave us feeling safe, valued, and loved. The emotional atmosphere fosters inspiring communication, helping you dream up new vistas to climb. Take advantage!

You finding some love on your travels?

Zodiac Tarot

by Lo Scarabeo

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Mercury in Cancer, Three of Cups, Zodiac Tarot

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  1. You know, it’s funny..when you start giving your energy to those types of relationships that are interdependent vs a drain they really do pay off for both involved. The drains kinda drain themselves out without you feeding them.

    Once you get down that rocky road a bit, even when you are standing right in the middle and see nothing but rocky road ahead of you for a ways, it’s ok to sneak a look back and acknowledge “Look how far I’ve come! I’m not done yet, but the sky is clear today and I’ve come this far. I can do this.”

    Be nice to yourself. Self care is so hard to grab ahold of lately, but still very important.

    I love this one Dixie. But, I love them all. Gotta get my fix before I can go to :clover: :clover:
    Blessings to you!

  2. I woke up this morning choked with fear. It took me the entire time I had for cooking, cleaning and getting ready to wake my husband to work through the issues my mind had brought forth between last night and this morning.

    My cold dread had a source outside of me. I was getting horrific vibes from someone I love. They messaged me, telling me of their tragedy this morning. The moment I began reading, that dread unlocked. I was able to reach out and offer some comfort to them.

    Now my brain is functioning, making logical plans for real issues I do have, but without the freeze-in-place moment. By the time I read this, I was ready for the message.

    I don’t know how I’d get through life without my Sag-Ascendant optimism and Aq-Sun imagination.

  3. “Look how far I’ve come! I’m not done yet, but the sky is clear today and I’ve come this far. I can do this.”

    This is EXACTLY how I’m feeling today! It’s been a long time coming.
    Can you see me doing the WOO-HOO dance?

  4. “You finding some love on your travels?” YES I DID – ME with less baggage!!!

    We just got back from vacation & it was the most relaxing we’ve had in YEARS! Mainly because I’m more relaxed due to the continued dismantling of my mental gerbil wheel, of course I’m not done yet but I’m working diligently on this. Less baggage (& mayo) means for a much lighter vibe in the family.

    My daughter commented almost every day how much she loves you for helping me be more calm. HUGS & KISSES FROM ME & MY FAMILY!!!

    1. Glad you’re home/dixiblog/domains/, Cancermom! Even moreso that you had a good vacation. That old saying is true, y’know. “If Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” Thanks for the hugs and kisses.

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