January 29

The Miser (4 of Pentacles): Acknowledge Your Stability


I may have been a little disheveled in the picture below, but I sure was very happy. In fact, I’ve never been so happy to go to a doctor’s appointment in my life!

I was heading out in the cold for a 3-hour trip for my post-op follow up. It was the first time I’ve been out of the house in 19 days and I was hoping for some kind of progress with the whole leg thing.

The appointment went fine. The doctor removed the cast and told me to start moving it around again; I can bear weight whenever I am ready.

That all sounds good and well, but I can still barely move it and with the pain level, I cannot imagine anything other than immediate collapse would come from trying to walk on it.

In short, I’m stable and evidently, where I’m supposed to be right now. I’m very much NOT where I’d prefer to be right now. I know it’s going to take time–doctor said these sorts of injuries may take 3-6 months to heal. I am just a little concerned about how I’m going to find my way from here, where I am now, to over there.

I tell you this not for the sympathy points. It’s because my situation is a very good example of the energy of next week’s forecast.

Scheduling update: I’m still very slow with working right now. I’m only doing work when I feel I’m at my best, and some days allow more than others in that regard. Hence, I’m still focusing primarily on email/audio readings and anything beyond that needs to be flexible and limited. I’m sorry for delays and lack of flexibility here.

Next Week in the Cards

For outlook, we have “The Miser” (Four of Pentacles) with advice from “Patience,” better known as Queen of Pentacles. We’re looking at manifested, real-world, practical concerns this week with Pentacles on hand. Deck is Osho Zen Tarot.

I’m expecting an increasing sense of stabilization for many, albeit perhaps an uneasy one. Folks may not actually lack what they need but that doesn’t mean there won’t be worry regarding needs being met, now or in coming days.

Advice is bordering on self-explanatory here with “Patience” as this moon goddess’s name. The moon cycles are a perfect reminder, to everything there is indeed a season. We cannot fast forward to “solution” no matter how fervently we may will it so. We are where we are, which is ultimately enroute to where we’re going, after all.

So, we take it one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. Definitely figuratively and maybe (like in my case), literally.

Understand what we can do right now is, indeed, enough. Take comfort in the current stability. Acknowledge what is going right, today’s comforts and safeties, specifically all the needs being well met. Maybe it’s not everything but it’s definitely something.

Sometimes we think only what we cannot do in the moment matters, only what we haven’t accomplished or figured out or settled up, but somehow “should have by now.”

You’ve got to respect your own energy enough to value all expenditures as meaningful and be okay with being in the process. This act in and of itself will help feed you. Paying attention to what you’re creating, feeling appreciation for it, improves the quality of the energy you put out.  It’s a purer energy, not diluted with anxiety or guilt. High-octane vibes!

Our intentions, our thoughts, our actions, our feelings over the various whatever-whatever in our lives…it’s a magical practice of sorts. You are sending that energy out there and the character and quality of what you send out influences the results you get.

Refill your own Cup first. Appreciate yourself and what you have provided for both yourself and others. Acknowledge your creation! See beauty in yourself and you’ll find it easier to appreciate beauty coming from others. Acknowledge your own stability, and direct appreciation at what you’ve got to appreciate.

All this serves as self-care and helps position you to get the best return possible on the energy you put out into the world. Work with where you are and be glad for it, while considering where you are at as one point in the motion forward.

How’s the return on your energy? How might you improve it?

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Four of Pentacles, Osho Zen, Queen of Pentacles

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