September 18

The Fool: Ready to Run, But Carefully


This Mercury Rx (and other retrogrades we’ve had of late) has been SO weird! I’ve had the standard frustrations, sure. No getting around that. But I’ve also had a few unexpected gifts show up. I’m extremely grateful for those.

Mostly now, though, I find myself strongly itching to move forward. Waiting is required, but it’s also making me crazy!! I want to just rush in without thought and have everything work out just like I want, without having to figure it all–okay, any of it–out.

The energy this week is kind of like that: chomping at the bit to move, whether or not we know what we’re moving toward. A more measured approach would not be a bad idea, folks.

Next Week in the Cards

This week, outlook is The Fool! Advice is the Emperor. Deck is Housewives’ Tarot.

People will be starting anew, taking risks, starting new paths and adventures. That’s nice. Optimistic feeling. Great! Although we always need to be aware of impulse control when the Fool shows up and this version, in particular, emphasizes that.

For your part, stay in charge–of your desires, your life, your choices, your little corner of the world. You continue to be the boss of you. Don’t worry too much about what anybody else does, as it’s merely distraction. That’s what works best for everyone involved.

If you’re going on a shopping spree like the Fool, make sure you have good use for what you buy like the Emperor does. It’s all about the self-control, baby.

In short, it’s fine to start moving ahead on things that are important to you. Keep it adventurous and have fun with it! But make sure you’re taking care of your needs and priorities first, not with the leftover. Be in control, know where things stand and in general, keep your wits about you the whole time. The combination of openness to adventure with the self-control to make decisions that are consistent with your goals is the magic mix.

Are you feeling this out there, friends?

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