November 10

11/10/11: Travel Slowdowns | The Fool Reversed, Six of Cups



Today’s Tarot forecast is the Fool (Uranus) and the reversed and the Six of Cups (Sun in Scorpio). These are from the lovely new Rosetta Tarot. Pretty, huh? I was a little disappointed to see the Fool on my first official draw on them since I’ve just featured the card, but whatever. I know better than to talk back to Tarot!

When I see the Fool reversed, I usually ask, “What’s in your way? What’s blocking you from YOUR journey, your path?” Because while the Fool isn’t always sunshine and roses despite what Tarot readers might like to say, he IS about freedom, adventure, and a path of personal discovery. So upside down, he’s being held back somehow.  Paired with the Six of Cups, there’s almost a sense of being held to a particular vision of days bygone, your definition of perfect.

The strength of the Fool lies in his lack of definition, his blank slate. Instead of saying, “This is how it has to be,” look at plugging into the sense of adventure. This is where you get to the same FEELINGS as the Six. It’s the feelings you want to work with here, not the form. The energy is what you’re trying to lasso, not how it comes into being.

How’s your trip? Smooth flow or bumpy roads, or a little of both?


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Rosetta Tarot, Six of Cups, The Fool

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  1. I quite like The Fool, although I completely agree with you that there’s a tendency to sugarcoat the dangers. The reason I like it is because for me, personally, a sense of freedom is very important. I made an extremely risky choice because of this card. I’ve had to deal with some very uncomfortable consequences, stuff that might have been intolerable in the past and unthinkably dumb. BUT because I chose this lifestyle, the discomfort is nothing compared to the sense of exhilaration I feel every day. The risk may not ever pay off in material or practical terms. I may never recover. But I learned a crucial lesson about myself. If anything, I wish I had taken the risk years ago. Of course, I know I wasn’t ready then…

  2. Bumpy, at the moment – it’s only smooth with family.

    I feel like most of these posts relate to me. I love the energy of the Fool, and I’ve been missing the joy that can spring from the new start that he represents when you want that new start. I found that I resented the card coming up in two different ways, two years ago: one, when it represented someone else in a relationship reading, showing that they weren’t as attached (possibly), and might leave someone, and 2) my age was just starting to get to me in terms of certain things, and I was thinking about the things that you aren’t supposed to do over a certain age, clothing you can no longer wear, etc – and even though I agree with certain aspects of that, I resented it hugely. I sat there one night, writing all of this out about the card.

    I’m 36, and have stopped trying to wear certain clothes, started to feel old last year, and that I can no longer get away with this and that -and then I saw the author of the book I mentioned, who is a year older than me, and looks years younger, and thought, “wow!”

    I also wish I’d risked more when I was younger, but I felt more ready to do so in my early thirties. Meet the right people, and *whoosh* there you go. One of your other card selections and your writing, had me thinking about the movie with Kate Winslet, in which she was told to be the star of her own movie (the leading lady) instead of being the sidekick. I’ve been the sidekick for the most part, seeing other people as the lead actors. I suppose it would have been a little healthy to think of myself that way, making it easier to get up in the morning and think, “What would the star of this movie do?”

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