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04/07/12: Utterly Decimated | 10 Swords, Death



What we’ve got today are HARD cards. That’s what I call them—not “bad,” although they are seldom welcomed warmly. They just aren’t all that warm and fuzzy, you know? But sometimes the most difficult information is also the most important. Hard, not bad. Okay?

Not that I’d try to tell anybody that in the heat of the moment. I’m not stupid. Those times I’ve been there? I’d have taken out anybody who suggested to me in a sunshine voice, “It’s all for the best.” Even if that’s right. So I know the leap we’re talking about here. But I’m going to throw that out there anyway…

And man, this is some Ten of Swords (Gemini Sun), huh? Eeeek! Like nails through the head, except it’s swords! Followed up by Death (Scorpio), no less. But like any energy whatsoever, you work with what you get, you know? And while I wouldn’t expect this to be fun, I would expect a situation described by these cards to be POWERFUL. Do what you will with it.

That feeling of being destroyed? Yeah. It’s accurate, but only to a point. Nothing destroyed wasn’t already seriously broken. Got that? The world isn’t ending, just a corner is. Maybe a house or a room or even a city has been blown up, but not the whole enchilada. Whatever it was was already rotten, but you may not have realized. Hence, what’s really destroyed is the denial, the illusion everything is fine.

Death comes in not to say, “You’re dead.” He comes in to say, “Life as you knew it is over. So bury the dead and continue living…”

The good news: it’s all come to light. Whatever the hit is, you know it, you’ve taken the full impact, and it doesn’t get any worse. Knowing this, you can do your mourning and get on with it. Denial doesn’t work. Wishing doesn’t work. Waiting doesn’t work. There is no bringing anything back. You survey the situation, pick up what’s left to pick up, and move the Hell on. That makes the ouchy part go faster.

But for whatever comfort it’s worth, know it was for good reason—and you’ll come out stronger than you went in. And that is a good thing.

You feeling this? (I hope not too much…)

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Cosmic Tarot, Death, Ten of Swords

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  1. Yeah. I killed (burned) some communication last night. I said goodbye to each piece and each piece felt like a sword to the head. I didn’t think it would hurt to let it go. But, I found myself asking, “Do I really want to say goodbye to this?” I paid respect to each memory and still sent it on it’s way. I hope it dies. I want to make room for new stuff.

    :turtle: :turtle:

  2. Yes, I can relate. Felt like this at the end of work last night and am still feeling utterly decimated by it. Put the nail in the coffin this morning. But with that I can already feel the stirrings of resurrection… just in time for Easter, I just realized. It feels all necessary, appropriate, and timely. Thanks for your healthy take on some scary looking cards!

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