January 9

Ten of Swords Rx & The Lovers: Points of Harmony


Tarot has this really funny way of pinpointing an issue for ME when I do a weekly forecast reading. I’m not sure whether to be tremendously grateful or just cuss the cards for being a little too pointed.

Can I do both?

Recently, I’ve been considering a multitude of viewpoints with which I vehemently disagree. And I do mean “vehemently.” Some are personal, issues from my past getting highlighted, while others not so much.

But the drive to set my beliefs front and center and make anybody with an alternative viewpoint FEEL my displeasure, like viscerally experience my feelings so they know how wrong they are?

It’s loud.

Can you believe it? Just because I preach minding your own beeswax on the regular doesn’t mean I don’t get the same pokes to do otherwise as anybody else. Har!

I know it’s utterly miserable to convince yourself that other people must both understand your perspective and indeed, adopt that perspective, for you to find relief. It’s a sure way to condemn yourself to pain. So yeah. I try to avoid that. It’s just a bad idea.

But what if what you are seeing hurts? There is a shortcut here. And the forecast for next week offers us a potential escape we choose to take that off-ramp.

Next Week in Tarot

Got another video this week. Cards are from my beloved Good Tarot deck.

Take-home: Look for points of harmony amidst the painful. Step back from what doesn’t match up.

Video Transcript

Hey, this is Dixie from A Fool’s journey, and since I’ve got a new video camera that I’m kind of in love with, you get another video forecast. Yaaaaay!

Hang on.

OK, for this week, for the outlook, I pulled the ten of swords reversed, so that’s better than the Ten of Swords upright.

And for advice, we got the Lovers. These cards, of course, are from the lovely, good Tarot deck.

There is a sense of overwhelm and betrayal and I would say an extreme disillusionment to be expected in the coming week.

Now, this might be in private spheres, but it just could easily as apply to like public or kind of a bigger scale sort of thing. The only thing that I would say is whatever the issues are that you’re looking at here, they matter to you and possibly quite a bit. So that’s kind of the situation now in terms of advice, the Lovers, isn’t going to tell you you must love everything and everyone. Because frankly, that’s not realistic.

If love is the only thing you feel towards any person, place, situation, idea, whatever, then it doesn’t really have any meaning. What the Lovers does suggest in terms of advice is look for points of harmony between yourself and other people, between, you know, what you want and what you have, between where you are and where you want to be. Look for those paths, a point in harmony.

And that is a question of perspective, OK?

That is something that you can reach for and find in almost any situation. What that’s going to do immediately is kind of lighten your energy up. It’s going to help you be less upset, less bothered, and it really will help along the path to healing that a reversed Ten of Swords suggests. I prefer to get the Ten of Swords inversed in in any situation simply because visually the Swords are ready for removal. So I read a reversed Ten of Swords as the potential readiness and time for healing.

And so whatever area in which you are feeling very bothered or whatever you’re seeing that’s feeling very bothered rather than focus on the descension instead, I really, really encourage you strongly to look for those points of harmony. Whatever they may be, it can be as simple as well. We all want what we think is best in the situation, which is true almost universally. Anything to help kind of soften up, because what you’ll find when you’re feeling very bothered is that basically whatever emotion that’s riled up isn’t consistent with who you are and who you want to be.

That’s when you start feeling super, super uncomfortable. We like to get outside sources, complete credit for everything. That doesn’t go quite right. I mean, you can do that if you want to, but that’s basically resigning yourself to a life that’s totally outside your control. And that’s not something I’m willing to do. So look for points of harmony. That’s been it got me this week. I hope it’s helpful and I hope you don’t feel this too up close and personal because it looks kind of sucky. All right?

So take care. Peace out from the Goddess.


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