April 30

Ten of Swords: Overlooked and Misunderstood? Self-Care to the Rescue!


How was your Scorpio full moon?

Mine was…notable. Not bad, but notable.

There sure was a lot of shadow being bandied about, even if some (or most?) of it was just in our heads. When that’s going down, it’s extremely helpful to realize that’s what it is.

It can be helpful to question yourself over what you’re feeling, and see how much you’re generating versus how much is coming from outside yourself. We have control over the former, which impacts how much we ingest from the latter.

I am expecting next week to have a similar vibe at large.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook this week is the Ten of Swords. Ouch! Advice is Empress reversed, from Radiant Rider-Waite mini deck.

Life might feel overwhelming. You also could feel discounted, betrayed, or otherwise unsupported. If so, I’m sorry! This isn’t to say it’s all gloom, though! It’s just that we listen more closely to what stings than what supports. It’s human nature, albeit a nature that doesn’t usually serve us well.

The underlying theme I’m getting the loudest is one of not feeling seen as you are. I sometimes remind myself, being seen isn’t always as important as it seems in the moment. Specifically, as long as I clearly see myself, how others seem me is much less important.

The Empress in a reversed position is reminding us of two facts: 1. We’re not mommy to the world; 2.we need to focus on self-care, not other care. You cannot give to another what you haven’t found for yourself, and you cannot elicit from another what you feel lacking. It is a very short-term fix at best and longer term, it just doesn’t work.

You probably already know my mantra in such cases–all roads lead home.

As far as any potential overwhelm, just do the best you can. Break down big tasks into smaller ones and allow yourself to feel accomplished over progress. Perfection isn’t even on the table, you know?

Also, make sure you take the opportunity to care for yourself. Breaks, distractions, relaxation and time spent just doing what feels good to you makes your work time more productive and helps lift your overall outlook.

It’s always good to send love and good vibes to our fellow humans, but don’t make this a week of worry and trying to “fix” anything for anyone. Beyond the fact it just doesn’t work, it will also scatter your own energy at a time you need to be able to direct it towards your own needs.

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Empress, Radiant Rider Waite, Self-Care, Ten of Swords

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