December 16

12/16/11: Tarot Holiday Gifting Advice! | Devil, Ten of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune



Today’s Tarot is the Devil (Capricorn), Ten of Pentacles (Mercury in Virgo), and the Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter).  This looks Christmassy to me! (Yes, I know I’m a freak. Let’s move along, shall we?!)

If you’re feeling trapped and constrained by holiday gift expectations, it’s your own doing! Sorry to be blunt because I understand the feeling myself, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. Instead concern over the cost being either too much or not enough, insecurities surrounding how it may be received or whatever, first attend to the meaning, especially how you feel about whom you’re gifting. It’s not the monetary value that makes gifts treasured, it’s the ENERGETIC value!

When you shift your attention to what counts—love and goodwill—you’ll start to get “lucky.” You’ll find perfect gifts, often with much less effort. This is because your vibration raises with the warm feelings and opens you to serendipity. Every single thing you do can be done in the flow, you know. That’s the Universe’s gift to us!

Always shop for and prepare gifts when you’re feeling loving and joyful for the opportunity to bring pleasure. Then, what you give will be infused with love and well-received. It’s like wrapping your packages with love, man. You can’t beat that!

How do you shop for gifts?

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Tarot Nova, Ten of Pentacles, The Devil, Wheel of Fortune

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  1. I like to take my time and usually shop by myself. I like to get things that feel right. You know? I like unusual gifts that personify what a person likes and would probably be something that they wouldn’t normally get. I hate gift cards–except in the instance of my dad and my stepmother. My father is kinda So, I always throw a gift card in for a restaurant because I know he won’t take my stepmom out otherwise. But, other than that, I steer away from them. I want my gifts to have a personal feel and I also pay special attention to the packaging/wrapping. I like people to know that I feel they are special and loved.

    Each Christmas, I choose someone to gift the “12 days of Christmas” They get a package 12 days before Christmas and in it are 12 small gifts. One to open each day that I try to make very personal. It takes me a long time to put together and, if they do it right, they don’t know who the gifts are from until the last gift on Christmas Day that comes with a personalized card. I’ve done this for my grandfather, mother, mother-in-law, and this year my neighbor.

    I may have a little Libra and Pisces going on

    1. Wow, what a cool idea the 12 days of Christmas is, Josi! I’ll bet that does take a lot of effort to pull off well. But I’ll bet the recipient doesn’t forget it.


  2. I’ve been really working on my tarot as of late. This came up as self image my birthday is tomorrow, I’m quite annoyed that I don’t have the resources to fully celebrate right now versus 10 days til I go on a trip to SF. I’m a tad bit obsessed with it affecting my sleep. I’ve never been to big into holidays/ birthdays where I’m fixated on money ever. But I’m just a tad bummed that I’m turning…*drumroLl* 26 lol. Never think past 18, 21, 23 (college graduation) 25 (grown n sexy)

    Thanks for helping me learn and change!

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