September 1

09/01/11: Ten of Cups Speaks for Itself


IMG_1573 (480x640)I’ve had a very busy day, and I’ve got family waiting on being with me. For today’s Tarot—the Ten of Cups. I think this card speaks for itself. So I’ll ask you…

What do you see here?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Ten of Cups

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  1. When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are
    Everything your heart desires will come to you…….

    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist!)

    Seriously, I LOVE this card. The only thing that bothers me is the kid with his back turned. Did they forget about him, or is he in a hurry to get to the castle?


  2. Kim,

    After all the liquid in the 10 cups – HE’S PEEING! don’t you see the puddle in front of him? However, he’s polite for turning his back to us. :laugh:

  3. This card for me was the girls, waiting on me to finish my work so I could hang out, visit and give some Tarot readings. They make fun of my “magic woo-woo crazy talk” until it’s time for a reading. Then, they shut right up and listen.

  4. completion of an emotional cycle? That’s kind of what it says to me. I get it reversed a lot. I have trouble with reverse cards but like your take on it that it sometimes manifests internally when reversed.

    Anywho, I wanted to let ya know I have been reading by email because I can’t get to the site from work anymore..BOO! What do they think my lunch break and the 10 minutes I get there for my shift is for??

    Doesn’t it seem that things just kind of went whoooooooooosh when Merc went direct? Crazy? And with sun in virgo it’s like everybody is ready to work..but me..LOL. Not on what I am being paid to work on anyhow.

    Much love Dixie Enjoy your “girl” time!

    1. Sorry you can’t get to the site from work. I am guessing you mean it gets blocked, but if there is something on my end I can do, let me know. I also have security and anti-spam stuff in place and sometimes that blocks people who shouldn’t be. So if you’re not sure, tell me what you see and I’ll check it out.

      It’s been nuts lately here, too! I did enjoy the evening. It’s been a LONG time since I gave the girls readings. I’d fogotten how much the wincing and groaning amuses me when I get stuff they’d never have directly admitted. Haha!

  5. I was struck by the kid, because this is what my kid just did to me today.

    I feel like we try to provide as well as we can for him, and he has no appreciation, and is acting like a brat. Like the boy in the card he doesn’t look around to see the blessings he has, he is just looking away like he’s pouting and stubborn.

    The kid in the card looks around the same age as mine also, so it’s just striking, since this was on my mind as I opened this page. I had just got done trying to impart that message to him, after an especially naughty day.

    I think I need to focus on the blessings as well, and the card was telling me that, rather than my disappointment in his attitude. It seems to be saying that it will all work out, and some defiance and separation is just part of growing up.

    1. (((sofie)))

      That’s a strong indication he’s secure enough in having what he needs and being loved, that he is ABLE to take it for granted. And I agree, learning what’s worthy of defiance, what really is a big deal and what’s not, is part of growing up. But he’s young–you can model the appreciation in small things and help him see it in the process.

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