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02/18/12: Selective Attention | Ten of Clouds


zodiac-deckFor yesterday, I drew the Nine of Swords, er, I mean “Clouds.” And what have we today but the Ten of Swords (Sun in Gemini)? Again, the Zodiac Tarot focuses solely on astrological associations, making this an interesting rendition. That baby is having a good ol’ time ripping pages right out of the book!

Most often, this card is traditionally read as betrayal, overkill, over-reacting, and utter despair. It’s not hard to see why. Some of us Pollyanna types like to point out the dawn in the background, that rock bottom has been reached and things have no where to go but UP from here! But I know, that whole optimistic spin can be damned annoying at times. So I’ll give it a rest.

In today’s version, though, I see reminder to consider the information you have coming in with a sophisticated eye. Not all facts are created equal! Are you going to be a baby about it, just grabbing (and shortly discarding) whatever comes your way without regard for the value of what you’re getting? Is it all the same?

It bears noting that I seldom if ever find the appearance of the Ten of Swords in a reading comes as a surprise. My folks almost always immediately know what the card refers to—that says something. Before reaching that point, there are generally red flags that have roundly ignored.

Now, I love Gemini suns (and I have a Gemini moon to prove it), but I know y’all sometimes struggle with selective attention. At times, a sparkly tidbit gets a lot more attention than a tarnished tidbit, not from merit but out of emotional or intellectual appeal. Seeing what you like with blindness to what you don’t has a price.

This card generally signals a full situation has come light. Are you attending to the whole? Or are you seeing just what you want to see? Be open to whatever arrives, and stay flexible and alert. You’ll make your Gemini friends (or self) proud.

Do you have selective information filtering? (I sure can!)

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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Sun in Gemini, Ten of Swords, Zodiac Tarot

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