October 22

Temperence Rx: Sitting with It


I’m trying to figure out some kind of complicated bits and pieces of life right now. It’s simultaneously exciting and anxiety-provoking. I know I have a lot of the information I need already, but I haven’t made sense of it yet.

That’s next week, in a nutshell.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is Temperence Reversed. Advice is Seven of Swords with additional input from the Hanged Man. Pictured from the Housewives’ Tarot.

Lots of information coming in for most on many fronts, but it’s not yet synthesized. It’s not processed. People (and that means you and me, too) may not have put together all the parts.

Our job here isn’t to finish someone else’s puzzle. It’s to have enough faith in them that they can figure it out and allow our own intuition to guide us through personal processing here.

We’ve all got a lot to figure out. Next week, keep your attention and energy focused on your own lane and let other people be responsible for their own trip. Easier to say than do, I know.

Do you have heaps of incoming information? Can you sit with it?

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Hanged Man, Housewives Tarot, Seven of Swo, Temperence

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