December 29

12/29/11: Karma Insurance | Temperance


temperence-meaningToday’s Tarot is another non-traditional take from the Psychic Tarot Oracle—usually known as Temperance (Sagittarius), this version is called “Patience.”  I consider this a very “soft” deck, a bit Pollyanna even for me. Ha! Patience is a good example.

Typically, Temperance calls for blending  contrasting ingredients into a unified whole, mixing fire and water. It can also signal drinking issues, or perhaps a tendency toward emotional drunkenness. But Patience, planting the seed and waiting for it to grow, at least captures the notion the act of combining energies in the right mix creates the magic.

It’s the steadiness—it may take many moons for the seed to sprout into a Lilly. (Not pre-germinated!) But there she sits anyway, focused and calm. If she’d tried to force the seed to grow faster, tugged it out  of it’s protective shell before its time, she could have easily killed the plant. That’s not how you get beautiful blooms.

This kind of steadfastness is only possible in clarity. Knowing what you’re about, knowing what you want to accomplish, and most importantly, knowing who you want to BE, you can see the right path to follow. Living as authentically who you want to be as possible doesn’t require forcing external circumstance.

Remain open to inspiration and flow, so you can adjust to the emotional weather. But never fret on outcomes, because if you’re already living as high and true as you know how, outcomes become irrelevant. You’d make the same choices regardless. Not because it promises what you want, but because the CHOICES themselves are right. That’s some Karma insurance, right there.

And while you’re being fully present in the moment, the future arrives utterly of it’s own accord. It’s the one in closest harmony with your highest and best energy, because that’s exactly what you expressed in creating it, right? No assembly required! If you want a better future, live a better today.

How patient are you?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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  1. Love this, Dixie! The Temperance card always reminds me of times when everything just came together. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Life was the perfect blend. Once out of whack, it does take a lot of patience to get the recipe working again. Right choices lead to more right choices, though, just as bad ones lead to bad.

    What a great title you picked for this, too. We can all use some Karma Insurance.

  2. Drew this card from the Psychic Oracle today. .Had to come by and check out what you had to say about it. I think I need to have your entire write up tattooed on my inner arm or something.

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