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09/05/11: Integrating Opposing Truths | Tarot Temperance



Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. –Malcolm Forbes

My husband is a political news junkie. He’s an absolute master of gathering and weighing information from multiple sources, regardless of the speaker’s premise or political orientation. Far left, far right, conspiracy theories and everything in between, he listens to the story to evaluate on merits.

This may not sound impressive, but I’ve actually found it shockingly rare. Double Virgo is excited by food for thought, and can hear substance even in beliefs diametrically opposed to his own. I am endlessly impressed by this skill and try to emulate it. It’s made me a more compassionate person.

Today’s Tarot forecast is Integration, aka Temperance or the Daughter of the Reconcilers, associated with Sagittarius. In this rendition from Osho Zen, we have the Yang/Fire/Masculine/Eagle/Sun side, and the Yin/Water/Feminine/Swan/Moon expression. But we’re not balancing polarities here—we’re integrating, where the two become one.

I seldom discuss subjects like politics with anybody but my husband now. I’ve got Mercury/Uranus; my thoughts (Mercury) will always be weird (Uranus). That’s not a self-criticism, by the way. I like my thoughts just fine! But I don’t trust most to hear them without trying to convert me or making various unflattering assumptions. It’s incredibly off-putting to be perceived as uninformed, misled, or otherwise lacking by reason of honest difference in perspective. So not surprisingly, I avoid it. I’m perceived as odd enough as it is.

Temperance reminds us that we don’t always move forward by “winning over” the opposing side. Just like the Yin has a bit of Yang at it’s center and vice versa, each polarity includes core elements of the other’s truth to stay in balance. Harmony is the result of respect for this diversity, allowing synthesis. Sagittarius would approve of broadening one’s horizons via exposure to the other. So today, I’m looking for the truth in other people’s truths, to incorporate what fits into my own. Even that which doesn’t fit can grant me a more complete understanding. I honor everyone’s right to select their own path, as I expect my own to be respected.

Can you see the worth in others’ truth?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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  1. Yes, I can see great value in the truth of others (Virgo Venus) and my Scorpio Merc has a habit of digging it out.
    I love this card. I think I’m going to buy the Osho/Zen deck; it appeals to me a great deal.

  2. I had to wait until Monday to get Intergration/Temperance to connect the dots of yesterday’s Strength & Saturday’s 9 of Wands-reversed.

    I love yesterday’s & todays card together!!

    Sunday was Strength & EVERYONE in my family is in the process of couragously blooming right now. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE COURAGE FOR US! The battles are independent & collective.

    Today’s card is how everyone is getting through all their battles! Everyone is handling the collective & independent battles differently & it doesn’t matter HOW it’s getting done – it’s getting done! This was also an AHA moment regarding Saturday’s 9 of wands-reversed!

    Great Stuff Dixie!!!

    1. Very cool, CancerMom. I love the way y’all tie the cards together to see the bigger picture. And I especially love hearing your family is in bloom. :rose:

  3. I love this deck as well and highly recommend it. I bought this deck for myself after seeing Dixie use it.

    The Integration card (XIV) is a spectacle. At the bottom rests the Ouroboros reminding us that everything is cyclical and never ending. The figure’s hands clasp the Yin/Yang of existence teaching us that all things contain a speck of their opposites and all things flow into one another. The head divides those items Dixie so rightly pointed out as masculine and feminine, and it is topped by rainbow light adorning its crown chakra.

    To me, this card is about bringing all things together. When I see this card in a reading, I make a circular gesture with my hands or use words to describe that. Things are really coming together in the images here and in my life as well. I moved a great distance about 4 years ago and have been without a master reader to give me guidance. “When the student is ready, the master appears.” I have recently found a gifted reader of over 30 years experience to help me continue learning.

    In a comment above, Josi mentioned obtaining this deck. I recommend it. I use it often when people come to me with questions of a somewhat psychological nature. I find that it cuts through to the heart of the matter.

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