April 21

Temperance Rx: Still Processing. Get Flowers.


I think I understand. Whir, whir, whir goes the brain.

I sleep on it a day or three.

And then I wake up and realize I just had ahold of a piece, an element, not really seeing the big picture. More processing.

So now, I think I understand. Whir, whir, whir.

I let it sit, marinate, process. Sleep on it a little more…and I wake up realizing, I didn’t really get it before, but NOW? Oh, now I get it!

Depending on what I’m processing, this cycle can repeat countless times. It’s far from a linear process. Sometimes a puzzle gets set aside for days, weeks, dare I say years before I come back to it.

I’m packing house, getting ready to move. The memories that surface during are every bit as dusty as the stuff I’m pulling out from long-neglected nooks and crannies. It’s sort of like it’s stirring up nooks and crannies in my brain.

In between packing sessions, I’ve been noticing Tulips especially. Tulips have been hitting my radar recently. Beyond being obvious messengers of spring, Tulips have lots of magical correspondences. The one that jumped out at me, however, was that Tulips signify new beginnings. They are flowers of rebirth.

This is what I’m doing right now. And I’m expecting others will be doing similar tasks–especially the processing bits–in the coming week.

Next Week in the Cards

Don’t these cards look well-loved? They are definitely well-worked! The mini Radiant Rider-Waite is my daily working deck at the moment.

It was an arm’s reach away when I was ready to pull for the forecast, so to work it goes.Temperence Rx & Justice

Outlook is Temperance reversed. Advice comes in the avatar of Justice.

We don’t have all the bits and pieces of perspective integrated. Not even close.

This is fine. You know that, right? It’s fine, fine, fine.  In fact, it’s better than fine. Because it’s always far better to recognize you are actively processing than it is to be sure you know it all already.

When we “know it all” is exactly when we stop looking, listening and learning. It’s when we stop considering other, more complete perspectives.

Our job here is much easier than having it all figured out–and it’s got a lot more potential, too.

We are to embody the Libran concept of justice in the coming week. Weigh, consider and contemplate. Be fair. Be kind. Be level-headed. Step back and sit down and allow yourself space to figure out those matters that are of interest to your life.

Sort, stack and consider all the pieces and parts that cross your awareness. Let them arrange themselves into meaningful configurations outside your conscious awareness. (Sleep is really good for this, as is unrelated, distracting activities.)

Your job isn’t to reach “conclusion state” as quickly as possible. Instead, it’s to let the various pieces mix it up until they form an understandable pattern. And throughout the process, remain present, pull yourself back to the moment you are in, and stay as impartial and fair as you can manage.

Balance, stability and kindness are the qualities to call upon from Justice in order to make the most out of what would be an otherwise confusing week. Beauty in particular will be soothing when you’re channeling Libran energy, so don’t shortchange yourself on the flowers.

Process, my friends. It’s time to process. And keep on the lookout for Tulips!

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Jusitice, Radiant Rider Waite, Temperance, Tulips

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