September 27

09/27/11: Mixing Fire and Water | Temperance, Reversed Nine of Cups



For today’s Tarot forecast, I drew Temperance. Fair enough, Tarot. So what venue might we look to exercise said Temperance? And we got the inverted Nine of Cups. Again. Okay‚Ķheard you, cards! Heard you. A pretty apt forecast for the super New Moon in Libra early this morning, I think.

Compromise for the greater good and work together however you can. Look for opportunities to blend your wishes with other people’s needs.  It doesn’t have to be entirely your way to be emotionally fulfilling.  But if we’re not talking about issues of integrity (and here, we’re not), then be flexible. Broaden your horizons and you’ll be capable of blending disparate approaches. combining to make something new.

Look to what really matters now. How you skin the cat isn’t among that list. Only that the cat gets (metaphorically) skinned, man.

Feel like you’re mixing fire and water?

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by Dennis Fairchild

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Nine of Cups, Nine of Cups Reversed, Tarot Nova, Temperance

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  1. This is so COOL, Dixie!!

    It reminds me of the sweat lodge. We bring in the Grandfathers (hot rocks) into the lodge and put them in the pit or womb of Grandmother. Then we use water over the rocks, with the steam representing creation. The steam takes our prayers up to Creator.
    Yep, fire and water. Terrific cards for the New Moon today!!!! :moon:

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