October 29

10/29/11: Temperance | Secret’s in the Mix



“Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind which binds the passion.” –Thomas Aquinas

Today’s Tarot is Temperance or “Daughter of the Reconcilers,” associated with Sagittarius. This version from our funky Housewives Tarot shows a cake being mixed up with a few surprise ingredients. With Temperance, it’s always about getting the right mix; too much or too little of individual components just leaves an unappetizing mess.

Tarot_14_TemperanceWe’ll often see Temperance when thee is a need for moderation—too much drinking, too many demands, too little flexibility. She’s your hint to be inclusive. Like a Sagittarius, look for the bigger picture. A steady hand and clear head is required for the best outcome.

You’ve got to honor all the ingredients, even those not especially to your liking. Too much of that Instant Anger may spoil the flavor, but a sprinkle under the right circumstances helps it rise to the occasion. Each ingredient has it’s appropriate place and proportion. The secret is in the mix.

How’s your cake tasting?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. NOT a big fan of secrets, it stirs up the fear; Secrets=BETRAYAL! Weird dream last night & with a “secret” ingredient involved & it pisses me off I was even in the kitchen-I don’t like showing up someplace in my dream I didn’t want to be. Even worse when the dream involved baking damnit “a bun in the oven” if you get my drift.

    Maybe it’s the fear that’s prompting these dreams & I’m really just looking for the recipe to check the list of ingredients. Secrets scare me & I don’t want to be served a slife of life only to find out there’s some secret in there that gives me hives!!

    After contemplating today’s card a little more I understand the need for Temperance. Focusing on one ingredient by constantly measuring & sifting doesn’t make for a light & fluffy cake, even worse if it’s expired-hehe.

    At least my kitchen & pantry are REALLY clean this is what I did yesterday. Love the Housewives Tarot Dixie!

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