November 4

11/05/13: Cultivating Balance / Temperance


Temperence Balance Psychic Tarot OraclesThis angel isn’t mixing fire and water as Tarot Temperance angels are wont. Instead, he beholds symbols of all the elements, floating upon the threshold between the sun and the stars, day and night. He hovers within the boundary point of heaven and earth, residing fully in neither. The ring of light around him unites all elemental energy. The image conveys a sense of completeness.

Forget good and bad for a minute. Forget what you like versus what you don’t. Instead of chasing down only life’s sweetness or bemoaning a heaping helping of bitterness, just in this moment, see all that is as equally important parts of the same experience.

What’s really there?

Balance recognizes light cannot exist without dark. Unfortunate, perhaps. I don’t know. All I know is that what I want or do not want melts away into what becomes. I can deny or surrender and make the most of what I do have choice over.

The upside is that with acceptance, my energy doesn’t need to be wasted  fighting what is. It can be channeled into creating more of what I want instead.

To me, this is balance.

What is balance to you?

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  1. This made met think of that quote: accept what you can ‘t change and change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference
    Over the years it becomes more easy but it still can be hard sometimes

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