December 16

Temperance & Cheerfulness: Inspired Leverage


Ever notice the harder you push against something, the worse it seems to become? The more you dig your heels in, the more the other side does as well?

Balance is the version of Temperance we find in the Psychic Tarot of the Heart(Hey, didn’t we just see that? Repetitive Tarot is repetitive.)

And “Cheerfulness” from the Botanical Inspirations deck is the Crocus–one of my favorite springtime flowers, due how it pokes its head up, sporting outrageous color in the middle of a mound of snow. It’s always such a delight to see that color suddenly appear overnight. Requiring no fuss or bother. Just little gifts, popping up beneath your feet.

Crocus is a member of the Iris family. Iris is depicted on the Rider-Waite rendition of Temperance.

Balance yourself. Stabilize emotions to the happier end of the spectrum before doing ANYTHING. Understand there will be a mix of very unlike (or unlikely) elements in any solution. But that mix itself must be joyful, cheerful. No begrudging compromises. No attempts to out-shout or overrule “the opposition.” Just be as content as you can, wherever you’re at.

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Because Temperance doesn’t see opposition. That angel doesn’t ever see anything as an unsolvable problem. Instead, the Temperance angel stands with one foot in the water of intuition, and the other on solid ground, firmly planted in both the energetic and physical worlds to create magickal solutions via blending unlikely components.

So how can we problem solve this way? How can we shift from identifying a problem to divining a solution? The energy of these two states are very different.

A problem orientation focuses on the details of what is not working. Questions of who is wrong, what is broken, or what’s unacceptable exemplify problem focus. It’s heavy and disheartening to focus on problems. And if you linger and roll around in the vibe of problem for very long, it magnifies. Your energy gets split into multiple directions, examining every nuance of every aspect of that problem. You literally start vibrating that problem on an energetic level. It’s like it waters down your life force and is utterly exhausting!

More importantly, a problem orientation doesn’t allow inspired solutions. It allows meeting up with endless versions of that very same problem, prominent everywhere you look. Have you noticed?

We expect our logical minds to fix all via sheer mental prowess and determination. As a ridiculously bright Virgo person, I can attest that brute force analysis works to a point, but man, is it ever hard work! And it only ever works to a somewhat blunt point–thinking your way through is far less effective than feeling your way through. Inspiration is a reliable shortcut, but you have to stabilize yourself emotionally before you’re gonna be able to access inspiration.

So once a problem has been identified, the question becomes, “Now what?” Rightness or morality is irrelevant in this context, as is the question of how many people agree. We’re talking practical implications. And practically speaking, if you want to be a part of the solution, you’ve got to align your energy with the solution.

You reach for inspiration by activating the energy of the solution you’re seeking. Not the details of a how a solution might come together–the hows and the whys and whatfors are not your job. Leave that to the Universe to orchestrate. Your job is to activate the FEELING of the solution you desire, as purely and clearly as you can manage by focusing on whatever inspires similar feelings. Doesn’t matter what. It’s the feelings themselves that opens the way for receiving inspiration for anything else on that same energetic wavelength. Don’t bang it out. Chill out and plug in! Then the actions inspired will be effective (and feel good, too).

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While this advice is simple, I know it can be challenging in practice, especially when we’re talking something that matters a lot. But with practice (invoked early in the process), it becomes much easier. Try it out with little things first, things that don’t matter too much to you. Just make it a game, to see how it works. Once you prove it to yourself through personal experience, keep practicing it. It becomes second nature. You develop your very own magick touch!

Just remember, it’s all about how you feel, always. Not the details! Not the fix. How you feel now, how this thought feels, how that thought feels. Use what feels better to steer yourself, as guideposts for the direction to go. Relax into the process–this takes a light touch. Cheerfulness and optimism serve well here. Hand it off to the Universe and let go emotionally.  This makes space for the inspiration to arrive.

It makes all the difference.

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