March 6

Tarot Sixes: Trusting The Journey


It’s been “one of those weeks” in my world. Nothing I couldn’t handle, for sure. But sometimes, it has felt like a lot.

Besides the ordinary things plus whatever you’d expect when helping aging parents, I’m also spending lots of time with my dad, who has dementia.

Dad must have asked me fifty times in just the last couple of days about who my father is. And when I brightly tell him he is my father? He laughs, as if it’s the funniest joke he’s ever heard.

I knew this was coming, of course. It didn’t kick my ass, the same way I thought it might before it actually happened. He’s been back and forth with recognizing us kids for a while. Some days he does, some he does not. One of my brothers he calls “Steve” for no apparent reason. I probably shouldn’t find that funny, but I do.

But whether I find humor or not (and I absolutely take advantage of all the humor I find), I’d be lying if I implied the experience still doesn’t touch me. Pretty much everything about this has touched me to be frank, but never in the way I imagined beforehand.

Funny thing, though. When I am leaving their house, he often makes a point of telling me (in an overly serious tone) that I should BE CAREFUL and be sure to CALL if I need anything!

In other words, my father (who can no longer manage a telephone), wants to make sure I will call him if I need assistance that there is no way he could provide.  He often tries to give me his coats, to make sure I am warm enough or worries that I might get stuck in their yard when it’s snowy outside. He still feels driven to protect me, even if he doesn’t know why.

So for me, it’s been like every day is some transition. I think I’m doing well with it overall. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still pack a punch. There is such an intense bittersweetness about all of it. I’m convinced it requires a sort of surrender, to ride the wave through it and listen to your heart for direction every minute of it.

And despite any challenges that come up along the way–and they do–I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am in the right place for me, right now.

I’m expecting many will be feeling some of this transitional energy in the coming week. Fortunately, the cards come through with solid advice. I’ll do my personal best to take it to heart. I hope you will, too.

Next Week in Tarot

Thor the Warrior Kitten wanted to help showcase these cards from the Star Tarot Deck. Because I can’t do much without him situating himself right in the middle, I rolled with it.

The forecast is the Six of Swords (ouch, a little). Advice is the Six of Cups (exhale, a little).

That Six of Swords as a forecast seems pretty self-explanatory…we’re tired. We’re doing what we need to do and it’s working for sure, but there’s always an air of being worn down from this card.

I get it, friends. I really do. It can be a lot, sometimes.

Things may have been tough recently. It probably feels like we’re on our way to better circumstances and no doubt, we are in one way or another. Doing the best you can with what you’ve got in front of you, just putting one foot in front of the other, is exactly how we make challenging transitions successfully.

That doesn’t mean it’s always fun, but it is effective. I’ll take effective in this case!

Go, you! 

But even when we’re successfully navigating a transition and we know it, anxiety can still creep in. Any sort of snag or minor setback can cause an emotional reaction that leaves us feeling as if the world is completely spiraling out of control. It’s not about logic. We worry, whether rationally or not, that we’re not going to make it, landing back where we started or worse off than before. It’s a painful worry.

That’s when we want to turn to the Six of Cups advice: trust. Allow yourself to receive whatever gifts are on offer. Don’t overcomplicate it or overthink it. Don’t assume what looks helpful is not what it seems.

If it looks like relief, it probably is. Take it!

Sometimes, support comes from out of the blue, as if straight from the Universal Concierge. Sometimes, a person you know will become a delivery agent of the Universe, too. And don’t forget the messages, which can come from anywhere in any form.

How it comes does not matter. Messages with typically catch your attention and seem slightly “louder” or more vivid than other material in the environment, nudging you to zone in and pay attention…if you notice this, do pay attention because there will be a gem hidden in there for you.

Just don’t presuppose how you will find relief, because you’re limiting options when insisting certain channels must deliver what you need. Be open to whatever help, comfort, or reassurances arrive. This can include both the elaborate and the simplest forms of support–if it makes you feel a little better, if it’s even a little reassuring, if it’s mildly encouraging, it all counts! Lean into it, whatever you get. That’s the faith, the trust, the comfort that is the gift of the Six of Cups.

Coping Strategies for Next Week

  • Congratulate yourself on your progress–you’ve not doubt made plenty to be where you are right now!
  • Expect to successfully complete the transition(s) you’ve started. You are probably further along than you realize already.
  • Look for encouraging signs, messages, and offers of support, even (or especially?) from unexpected avenues. The Universe utilizes the path of least resistance to deliver, which can mean help often comes from the unlikeliest of places.
  • Simple, uncomplicated approaches often work best when we’re under the influence of the Six of Wands, so don’t bother overthinking anything. Roll with what feels a little better and be kind to yourself in the process.

Hang in there, friends, and keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s working! Plus be on the lookout for the little gifts of grace along the way. There will be plenty, as long as you’re willing to receive them.

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