July 21

Everyday Tarot, 07/21/11: Cows, on the Way Home | Knight Swords, 3 Wands, 6 Wands



Doesn’t it just feel like the current questions we’re looking at, have been this way…almost forever? I wanted a little extra today, so I pulled a 3-card spread. They all came in reversed–the Knight of Swords, Three of Wands and Six of Wands, but I turned ’em over to photograph. And to loosen up the flow, too, because I will that, as I flip the card. No, really. I do.

Ah, lots of motion. See the horses? We’ve got the idea, clearly, had it for some time, and have determined what we want to keep versus what to cut. And, you know, we’ve been acting in concert with that, making a sincere effort to work it.

cows-coming-homeTarot’s says, “Chill. I know it’s a stabby time and I know you’ve been working hard, without yet seeing the impact you expected. Flow is coming. Just keep watching for your turns; they become clear as you approach. Attention, along with the support of friends, sees you through.”

The cows are on their way home. Whoopee!

Is that what you see, or something else?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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3-Card Spread, Knight of Swords, Radiant Rider Waite, Six of Wands, Three of Wands

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  1. I almost missed it. I have to drive to my friend’s house where there’s no internet to train her.

    It’s absolutely true. I feel like I’m definitely going forward at a decent pace in a little red wagon pulled by a race horse. It’s bumpy, a little scary, but I have faith we’re at least still on the road I chose.

  2. I agree with this! Twice last night, I dreamt that “it” was coming – just a few more days. That I needed to sit still and just wait.

    And Dixie? Always good to see a post from you, no matter what time it is!
    You are a gift. :present:

  3. You know, I totally agree with this. I can’t really see “it” yet, but I do feel “it” coming.

    I just keep getting the message to keep on going… just a little more patience… you’re almost there.

    And when those cows come wandering into my yard at long last, I will dance the dance of joy! :laugh:

  4. that’s kinda what I got last night for myself

    I feel like I can and should be going full speed ahead, mind racing guns blazing..but if I leave it alone for a little while it will work out alright.

    I really like that Knight..lol

    tech issues are abounding right now, wonder what’s up with that? :pig2: :pig: :pig2:

    1. I’m glad you like them. I debated–I don’t pick them individually (would have skipped the poo!) and they are definitely darned informal, not all professional or whatever. But I want this to be a fun place and I like similes.

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