June 16

Everyday Tarot, 06/16/11: Planting a New Garden / 4 of Cups


tarot-forecast-four-cupsAre you a “grass is always greener” sort?  Or do you tend to stay with what you’ve got, maybe even long after you’d have been better served moving on?

Today’s Tarot is “Discontent and Boredom,” better known as the Four of Cups or “Lord of Blended Pleasure,” associated with the Moon in Cancer. And it’s true, sometimes this card can signal being stuck in a rut. Mostly, I see this fellow pop up when more attention is being paid to what is not than to what is.

Now, we talk about the Law of Attraction, and tuning in to the vibration you want. And what you want may not exactly be reflective of current experience. Ouch. Feeling like you’re missing the boat  doesn’t exactly put you on the frequency to fulfillment, huh? So you need another approach.

Instead, start with elements that have the essence you want, and turn them up. Since form is irrelevant at this point, you can be creative. Work your way backwards, starting with the feeling you want.

If I wanted a partner, I’d look to what I expected to get from having that relationship. Companionship, security, and love? Get a dog! A sense of shared goals and dreams? Volunteer, or work on a cause. Your enjoyment is much more important that how you activate that vibration. The more joy, the higher, quicker, and louder the energy echoes into other other areas of your life.

But—and this is important—don’t dog yourself for feeling restless or unsettled sometimes. It’s not a failing. It’s a gift! Uncomfortable feelings are like a warning buzzer that something’s out of alignment. Or maybe we have extra challenges—difficulties give us powerful insights and potent energy. Our wounds grant us compassion, empathy and ability to heal.

Any difficult energy can operate like a a pent up spring—an invitation to burst forth in a new direction. It may be a challenge to master, but it’s a potent force for creation. “Discontent and Boredom” reminds us if we don’t like the view, we can plant a new garden, using whatever seeds we’ve got on hand.

How are your flowers doing?


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  1. Mine are dying because the sprinkler system is broken; however, my discontent of “what is not” is getting in the way of fixing this to revive our grass which will be greener once watered!

    I have a GREAT husband and 4 rescue dogs, these are wonderful vibrations for ME! The other I worry about always attracts the “wounded/pound puppies” cuz that’s where she hangs sometime even though she can open the gate & leave (your words). One day she’ll do this & find her “pick-of-the-litter” and I won’t be HOUNDING her all the time! HAHA-I love metaphors!!

    Wise advice Dixie! (((D)))

    1. Those drawn to the pound puppies have a lot of love in their hearts… tender-hearted folks sometimes have extra challenges and lessons, but extra blessings as well.

  2. trampled..that’s how my flowers are today and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some wayward drunk stumbled out under the full moon yesterday and whizzed on them.

    Dixie, This post was very revelational for me. I would have never thought of that approach on my own..this gives me a whole new ball game to play in.

  3. new beginnings for me indeed. the eclipse hit direct and I feel like I died this morning and being rewired and realigned. My seeds are planted and being watered with creativity and sweet water. I have a willow tree that is barely looking alive… it is. it looks like I feel. just a new beginning with the leaves just coming out.
    thanks Dixie. you are such a great person and friend…

  4. That is how I started with my therapist. I asked her how did I get here? And she responded, “Where were you yesterday?” So we began to unravel it backwards. Again beginning at the ending point. I love the picture of the spring flowers. I just seems so fitting for Jupiter in Taurus, a new beginning striving towards the sun even in the bullshit.

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