October 10

10/10/12: Tall and Proud | 7 Wands



“Hearts are the strongest when they beat in response to noble ideals.” Ralph Bunche

You know, I babble about repeating Tarot cards and themes over time. That’s extremely common if you work with the cards every day…but even at that, the last couple weeks, themes have been so stark and in-your-face, it’s hard not to marvel even more than usual.

Here we have “Stand Your Ground,” aka the Seven of Wands. The Sun rising before the figure suggests tapping into the power of identity, just like the Sun in astrology. It’s your inner light, your true self that’s to be expressed here.

Be who YOU are, without compromise, without flinching and above all, without apology. That’s not to say you cannot work to improve who you are, of course. The rising sun shines; the Seven of Wands generally speaks to defending ideals, not making excuses for faults.

But whatever it is YOU decide to stand for, do so tall and proud. This way, you align with the highest of energy and become more than who you were before.

Getting the idea of how to ride this energy lately? Define, defend, and live true. Stay confident in the midst of changing weather, knowing that you’re living the absolute best you can, and it’s all part of the greater whole.

Have you been standing your ground?

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  1. I have spent the last few hours viewing your videos (other people’s as well)but I found you hilarious, entertaining and informative. I love your energy and straight forward approach. I have been studying the tarot for years, my mother actually gave me my first deck when I was in my 20’s or 30’s, Yet no matter how many books I read or how dedicated I tried to be, I just couldn’t seem to make anything click…well, let me tell you that it is clicking and it is clicking fast for some reason over the past few days. I have gone from zero to fifty it seems in a short amount of time.

    Your single card message for 10/10 is really relevent to me in a number of ways. I am six days post-op from a hysterectomy, 6 weeks away from my 50th birthday and moved 2 weeks ago. I am going through some serious changes, but feel almost like I know who I am now more than ever. I had a revelation about my calling in life, stepped down from a management position at work to make more time for my true calling which is energy healing with crystals. Why did it take me so long to admit that I have always been drawn to this kind of lightwork.

    The message in the Seven of Wands for me stands out at first sight. The vibrant reds and oranges cry out loud and clear that it is time for ACTION! Seven being a spiritual number speaks for itself. It is time for me to be who I am! I am the Crone, wise and wonderful…Blessing to you for being who you are, thank you for your insight and sharing!

    1. Shelynee – Thank you SO much for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me.

      I am not surprised to hear you’re getting the flood gates opening on your ability to read. It’s almost like once we say, “Yes,” once we accept and invite this in, it opens the floodgates, you know? That’s been my experience anyway.

      MUCH love and best wishes on your steps to live your calling, m’dear. Nothing pleases me more than seeing people step up to begin living on the outside who they are on the inside…

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