June 28

06/28/12: Swimming with Queen of Cups



“Our visions begin with our desires.” –Audre Lorde

Associated with Water in Water, the Queen of Cups can be highly intuitive, emotionally attuned, or perhaps she’s just slippery.  Either way, she remains perpetually difficult to pin down. She sometimes shows up to suggest therapy of some sort.  That’s because her natural expertise is emotional, matters of the heart as well as mysticism and psychic knowing. She is an artist, dreamer and seer, although the fact she is may be hidden—even from herself.

Listening to the heart is key to working with this Queen. Pay special attention to emotional states, especially those stronger than you’d otherwise expect. These pockets of intense feeling point to “pay dirt,” little bits of concentrated energy to be understood, morphed or heeded. She guides us to the source of our most potent energy if we can quiet our minds enough to listen.

As one of the Tarot Queens, she frequently speaks to personal concerns, internal energy, although close friends or family can also be the recipients of her attention. Tears of release are healing for her, so don’t bury her pain. Let her transmute the pain instead, into a higher understanding, sacrifice or service. This allows her to rise above more mundane concerns and reconcile difficulties.

Listen to your desires and allow your visions to grow out of them. Those that you can feel swelling in your chest, right about the heart chakra, are those with the most powerful charge. Let her guide you, and you’ll find if you’re honest with yourself, the way she points is true.

You feeling the Queen of Cups?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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