January 14

01/14/12: You don’t make me happy…| The Sun Reversed


sun-reversed-meaningAnytime your happiness relies on someone else, it puts you in precarious position. You are not only handing over self-determination, but infringing! Your happiness is YOUR rightful load. In forcing over the weight, it’s exerting a form of control, manipulation. Responsibility for well-being is individual.

Today’s Tarot is the Sun reversed. Welcomed even reversed, the Sun is happiness, radiance, and inner light. No wonder people love it! The Sun reveals and shows everything in it’s best light. It’s a content, joyful card.

Inverted, maybe there are a few clouds in the sky. But the basic building blocks of “happy” are still intact. Maybe you’re overlooking the bright side? Maybe there’s been a little rain on your parade. It happens. But really, how big of a deal is it? Perspective is always helpful.

And if you’ve pinning your definition of happy on somebody else, is that your best plan? I know you care, but you can love without attaching that way, you know? It’s the difference between weighing down versus lifting up. You can cheer ’em on, be a support and encouragement, without getting mired in someone else’s mud. That helps no one.

We don’t know how the scene will unfold—that’s the material plane gig. So basically, you’ve got your good sense and faith to work with. Do it! If something’s not working for you, then work on it! It’s your job to work toward your own happiness. If you get distracted trying to do your neighbor’s job, you’ll never get anything done. And it isn’t really doing your neighbor any favors, really.

How much does your happiness feel dependent on others?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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