March 19

03/20/14: Submerged / Reversed Queen of Cups


Queen of Cups Rx

In Tarot, “Significator” is the the person asking the question. In other words, she represents YOU. The reversed Queen of Cups is emotional, often to the point of being unreasonable or even confused.She may be driven by feelings she barely understands or is not fully conscious of, for that matter.

Any time you see emotion way out of whack with stimulus, you can bet there’s something hiding under those waves. Keyword for the day is “submerged.” Whatever you are seeing on the emotional or intuitive fronts, consider it a sampler. A taste test. Proverbial tip of the iceberg.

And if you get a whiff of emotion from somebody around you, make the same assumption. What you’re seeing, it’s just a tiny little bit of what’s there. Don’t get drowned by misjudging undertow potential.

You feeling undertow today?

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