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01/04/14: Stuck in a Dream / 6 of Cups


Six of CupsThere’s nothing wrong with dreams. Dreams can inspire and sustain us! But if we’re not ready to let go of the dream in favor of reality, then the dream becomes hindrance rather than help.

6_of_CupsThe Osho Zen captures a very interesting aspect of the Six of Cups  in “The Dream.” In traditional versions, I often find myself focusing on trust issues or nostalgia, emphasizing the innocence of childhood. But the Osho Zen expresses the nativity more than these other aspects.

Fantasies are perfect. There are no bills or laundry or stubborn mustard stains. If you compare reality with the fantasy of what was expected from said reality before the fact, reality is going to lose every single time.

I’ve seen people avoid the living out of dreams because the risk of losing the fantasy was too great. If a fantasy has sustained and you reach for making it a reality, there is always a possibility of failure—maybe it won’t materialize at all, or maybe you won’t like what you actually get in real-time.

But the alternative of maintaining the fantasy, while safer, certainly doesn’t offer the same satisfaction. Risk and reward are forever united. Clinging to the dream world can never hold a candle to living out loud, even without the perfect, shiny sparkles every minute.

Using dreams as a starting point, not an ends, makes all the difference in the world. Personally, I’d rather have an imperfect experience than a perfect dream every time. Experience allows me to become more, better and wiser. It gives me a foothold for helping others and a frame of reference to expand my world. A dream can get me going; it can spur buying a ticket, but is best not mistaken for the actual ride.

Have you seen people get stuck in a dream?

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Osho Zen, Six of Cups

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  1. I misread this the first time I read it. All that Capricorn in the sky must be really triggering me.

    I’ve actually done the very thing. I’ve avoided living out dreams because of the fear. But it’s been a harsh last two years. Walls broke down, internal changes occurred, and with commitment and faith, I started working on getting some dreams into reality.

    1. It’s one of those things that’s very hard to see from the inside. I’ve noticed because my position gives me a different vantage point. Much love and wishes for a healing 2014! ♥

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