December 27

12/27/12: Quiet Power | Strength


And a very lovely version of Strength this is—but then again, I’m partial to felines and here we’ve got several. All the standard associations apply: Leos, steady, ongoing attention, and being able to maintain for the long haul.

In almost every version of Strength I’ve ever seen, there’s also an implicit suggestion that strength is not necessarily visible from the outside. These cards are usually adorned with women overcoming lions, seemingly without effort. A gentle, quiet demeanor can be deceptive, if you’re only looking on the outside. Strength has nothing to do with outward appearances can be signs of insecurity as opposed to real power. Flash isn’t required.

Of course, my Scorpio Mars is partial to this interpretation. People routinely underestimate me. That’s a significant tactical advantage. If everybody knows the firepower you have at your disposal, the enemy comes in well prepared. If they think little of your prowess, they may overlook you completely or if they do gear up for a fight, they’ll be in for quite a surprise, huh?

Know you have what it takes to prevail, whether or not anyone else can see it. “Anyone else” doesn’t NEED to see it. Only you do.

Is your power quiet?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
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Legacy of the Divine, Strength

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  1. I rarely fight hard because I don’t want to hurt the other person, so I am also underestimated.

    When there’s much at stake I can be pretty strong.

    :tiger: :lion:

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