August 7

08/08/13: Dream Wisely / The Star



This is me, when I’m imagining how a new recipe is going to come out. Unfortunately, it’s usually NOT me when I’m actually tasting it. Damn it!

She’s also the (Leo rising) child version of me who imagined my grown up life as an actress. You know, when I’d be discovered walking into a grocery store or something and end up famous.

She’s also the 3rd Grade me who started an autobiography early, but ultimately decided to hold off a while to see how things worked out. I haven’t quite finished it yet. But I have written a book; I did get to be a writer.

She’s also the me who imagined years ago I’d be a professional Tarot reader, having amazing experiences and helping people all over the world. Another hit by my definition.

Gazing into the night sky, stars seem far away but close up at the same time. And that sort of dual nature is one of the Star’s secrets. The Star can be you (or what you want in your life), but it’s a not-yet version of you, because the Star is a future-oriented card. Stardust is what dreams are made of, they say. We “wish upon a star.”

Some wishes fade and die away. I don’t regret not becoming an actress. (Although I do video, and Leo rising digs that.) Some shift around a bit over the years or get replaced. But in your dreams, the seeds of your future lie. I’d say that’s a good reason to dream wisely!

You have some dreams?

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