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12/03/13: Mix of Hope and Chill / The Star


People like to see The Star turn up in a reading. Me, too, because it heralds hope. But this version from the Zodiac Tarot—focused exclusively on astrological association—reminds us this is Aquarian energy. It’s overall a hopeful, advanced and utilitarian vibe, absolutely, but that’s more from a bigger-picture view.

Little picture, it’s winter time. Aquarius energy can be shocking, detached and distant. It’s not warm and fuzzy, nor is the Star card warm and fuzzy, even if we’d like to make it out to be that way.

Just like not all progress is welcome progress, not all gifts of the Star are welcome gifts.

Bringing this back to YOU: If you’re not thrilled with what you see coming toward you, take a step back. In the big picture, it probably works even if it’s not as pretty in the smaller one. A little detachment helps.

Maybe it’s for the greater good after all. I hope so!

Are you feeling a mix of hope and chill? Because that’s the Star!

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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The Star, Zodiac Tarot

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