February 13

02/14/13: Power in Your Hands / The Star



Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a lovey card for the holiday, whether you love or hate it. I know we’ve got some of both.

The Star is all about hope for the future, as yet unrealized. Associated with Aquarius, it’s very big-picture, perhaps distant hope, but hope nonetheless. Seeing the Star here, I say, “Look to the future with optimism.”

Not certainty; the Star has none of that. It’s only promise, as of yet distant and dreamy. And a little magic, both in character and possibility. Just like you’d expect of starlight!

When you see this card, be upbeat and ready for progress, moving forward! Onward and upward. Whether you have a sweetheart today or not, make sure you have a good, solid relationship with yourself. Like who you are, and you’ll be spending the future with others who do as well.

It promises to be a good day, promising, with just a hint of magic and a glimpse into tomorrow. Because what makes or breaks the future promised by the Star is YOU. Y-O-U, you. Got that? You have the freedom to choose. As Galadriel chose how to manage the great power of the ring, you, too, have the power of your own future, right in your hands. Use it wisely.

Are you feeling the power of your future?


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  1. I feel this power…

    Each of these sentences feels like a lifting, lifting, a little higher each time.

    Affirmations that build and create the physical from pure thought and emotion.

  2. Thank you again for this one.

    I hope it’s ok that I just made this into 2o pages of what I simply called “Power”, like poetry but stronger. Centered, backgrounds, fonts.

    I know that I need to do this work. Why do I feel guilty, as if I’m wasting time, when I need to embed these words onto my conscious mind?

    The last page, with thanks to Baluga:


    Work with what is.

    Whatever will be will be.

    and then…

    Work with whatever arrives next.

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