January 15

Star: Dream a Little


Do you feel like it’s going to take FOREVER-EVER to get where you want to be?

Because I totally wouldn’t blame you.

Maybe I’m projecting again. It wouldn’t be the first time. But this little pocket in time feels sort of like a crossroads to me. A rest stop, right where the road forks. A pause, perhaps involuntary. To breathe. To rest. To dream and consider before picking a path and moving along.

For me and my broken leg, it’s a pretty literal interpretation. For most, I’m hoping much less literal!

But we’ll see.

Side note: I’m done with the Zodiac Look-Ahead readings ordered in December and getting started on the ones ordered this month. I think I’ll probably keep the offer open through January as long as folks know it is taking me a while to get them done. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll have to go elsewhere, friends.

Next’ Week’s Tarot

Cards pictured from my ol’ trusty Radiant Rider-Waite mini.

Outlook this week is the Star. A little hope on order? I’m ready! The Star is far from a promise of good outcome, but at the very least it’s promise of a possibility for good outcomes. And that’s a good starting point. We’ve got to have a possibility before it can be realized, right? It all starts with an idea, a seed, and grows from there.

Advice is the reversed Knight of Pentacles, with a clarifier of Page of Wands. Double check your facts, follow up on your investigations here, and make sure what you think you want will really fit the bill. Then (and only then) is when you jump fully on board, both feet, and invoke your heart energy.

So basically, you’ve got 3 steps here – find some optimism for what you want to see as being possible, seek details about what you’re really getting into and how to proceed, and then jump in and get started. Don’t skip steps here. One leads into the next in a flow. Don’t engage that emotional energy until you’ve made the bridge between hope and plan, though.

Right now, is the time to dream a little, regroup, and consider the potential of positive outcomes. Once we’re able to expect some good, then specific questions about directions and plans will arise. It’s only after getting those questions answered that we’ll be ready to commit.

Are you dreaming a little right now, friends?

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Knight of Pentacles, Page of Wands, Radiant Rider Waite, The Star

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