July 14

Everyday Tarot, 07/14/11: Sprung Traps | Reversed Devil


IMG_1425The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have been insufferably (and inexplicably) cranky today. My poor husband has gotten to listen to all-but-utterly-incoherent rants off and on all day. He’s a trooper.

I felt guilty about it, until I apologized. He responded with an exaggerated sigh, excusing me. I laughed and cussed him and immediately  forgot feeling bad. I’m not a hard woman to live with, even on a bad day.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the reversed Devil, or Lord of the Gates of Matter, traditionally associated with Capricorn—sorry, Goat friends! I often prefer to see the Devil inverted, as it seems suggestive on an easy escape.

And that’s exactly what I see. That sense of restriction? The feelings of being put upon and under-appreciated and misunderstood?

Yeah. It’s me. And I can stopped being fussy as quickly as I stopped feeling guilty for doing it. It’s a sprung trap. All you have to do is notice that, and you can walk away.

You have any sprung traps?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Capricorn, Major Arcana, Shadowscapes, The Devil

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  1. I’m looking!!! I’m looking!!! Hmmm….(as she searches under the sofa cushions. Nope. Nothing but spare change there.)
    I’ll keep looking – defintely ready to walk away.

  2. I’m looking!!! I’m looking!!! Hmmm….(as she searches under the sofa cushions. Nope. Nothing but spare change there.)
    I’ll keep looking – defintely ready to walk away.

  3. Yesterday’s card was wonderful as were the postings from your monsters, you wrote “this thought form is young, though, and will require energy to grow”.

    I see today’s card tying into this & I think Lilly will agree as she mentioned it “feeling young”. The “new idea” of yesterday needs time to grow & until then we’ll continue to step into the trap & go off on someone until our new feelings are mature enough for us to STOP & THINK before taking off their head. Maybe one day when we’ve completely mastered this “NEW-Whatever it is” we won’t find ourselves apologizing to the lopped off head later.

    I did this yesterday to my daughter. Earlier in the week there was a silly thing I recommended she do another way then last night she told me she did it her way (shock) & it didn’t turn out as well. I was stunned she did this because I gave her such DAMN GOOD ADVICE & I started w/ my usual Marie Antoinette “Off w/ her head” OVER-response. She just looked at me & said “I’m sorry I should’ve taken your advice, I feel stupid but It’ll be fine. What more do you want me to say besides I’m sorry & I’ve probably learned from this?” & I responded with “you didn’t listen to me – AGAIN”. It was the “again” part I was mad at & it was then I realized I was using my 2 YEAR OLD ANGER (that I worked w/ her over the weekend to get over from) for something very insignificant. This is where the NEW IMMATURE energy needs time to grow & maybe one day I won’t automatically spring the trap. If this NEW energy were more mature I would’ve just said “You are such a dork for waxing 2 days before we go to the beach, you’re skin’s really gonna itch.” but instead I STEPPED INTO THE TRAP then apologized later.


  4. lol..ooooh yeah I do. And they were those ones where you are there thinking you have no choice and then realize..wait a dang minute. I don’t HAVE to do this anymore.

    pivots on heels with a dramatic flip of the hair..I’m outta here then.

    Now, how come I never knew it was THAT easy. LOL

  5. Well… I would say being done with guilt is one of the things included in my “new” way of thinking, new perspective — especially feeling guilty about things I don’t truly deep down believe I ought to feel badly about. And yeah… I still do need to pay attention (notice it, maybe poke it with a stick and spring that trap) and not go and get stuck there so automatically or easily, as I used to; notice when guilt, shame or judgement are there like a piece of cheese luring me into the trap. Don’t really like that cheese anymore, actually. But am kind of liking this new game, actually. Thanks for the fun metaphor to play with, Dixie!

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