July 18

Slow but Still Going: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 19 -20


weekend flow tarot

Well, if that ain’t some weekend cards for you…we’ve got Pentacles (inverted), Swords (ouch!) and a Major, inverted to go with. My overall sense of these cards is again, trudging through mud. Maybe knee-high instead of waist-high. Slow but still going.

Saturday, Present – Page of Pentacles Reversed: This is suggesting to me it’s difficult to be grounded, stay in the moment and get things done today. Details escape notice. Attention span flutters. So I’d plan a schedule light on demanding, precision oriented work if at all possible.

Sunday, Heart of the Situation – 6 of Swords: Maybe part of the reason things are hard right now is the distraction factor. This card tells of being in the middle of a difficult transition. It’s a card of movement, progress, but that progress has definitely had a cost. There is room to feel optimistic you’re on your way to better, though. It’s definitely a hopeful (if tired and battered) vibe.

Overview/Advice – The Star Reversed: Dreaming is awesome, but don’t get carried away with it. If everything has to be a particular way for you to feel like you’re moving ahead, you’ll be disappointed. There is NO WAY reality can ever hold a candle to fantasy. There are no bodily functions in fantasy…

Affirmation: Spread your wings! “Do not hold back right now, the timing is perfect and you are ready to soar.” So maybe everything doesn’t perfectly fall together the way you envisioned. Doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track! It’s a time to keep moving, taking calculated risks, and most of all, give yourself permission to accept the good that comes in your life.

Is this working for you? What do you see?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Mystic Dreamer, Page of Pentacle, Six of Swords, The Star

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