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04/22/13: Victim Accountability / 6 Swords


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt


The spoiled tyrant rides the beleaguered man-horse in this graphic version of the Six of Swords. The journey is difficult but as I have come to realize with this version of the card, it is not just because 1. SOMEONE isn’t pulling his weight, but even more so because 2. Someone ELSE is cooperating . Both have to be complicit to comprise this scene.

It’s easy to judge the rider harshly. He is unlikeable and ostentatious. I mean, a rooster hat?! Really? Most would identify more readily with the man beneath him. But if the man bearing the load overcame his fear, used his strength in support of right instead of letting himself be bullied, that mountain summit suddenly becomes a whole lot more accessible.

This is a card of a heavy or difficult journey. Traditionally, it shows transition from a painful period to a better, more fulfilling time. But if you feel like that man-horse, I would caution not to fool yourself by saying you had no role in what happened. Yes, you can get through it but at what cost?

This isn’t so much blame-the-victim as it is about helping the victim escape an onerous role.

Maybe a weakness was exploited unfairly to set the situation up—probably. But that too, is useful information. Who of us would not be better off if we were aware of (and thereby can protect) our weaknesses?

If you’re under an undue burden at the doing of someone else, ask yourself why. How can you escape the load, and keep it from happening again? If you can figure that out, you can get back to the business at hand of climbing that mountain. This is where your right and true accountability lies.

Do you relate?

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Osho Zen, Six of Swords

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  1. I was basically told that I should leave, because nobody was going to stop what was happening. I couldn’t leave, because I was too messed up, and wouldn’t do that to a friend. I was told by my aunt that she didn’t want to hear it – she wanted to keep someone else as her free therapist, so siding with me was out of the question – and then over a week ago, she sends me self-help books and a letter that was going to be touchy-feely; I haven’t read any of it.

    I used to pooh-pooh the cynical notion that we’re all really alone in this world; I shouldn’t have, because it’s been proven to me, over and over the past year.

  2. Angela – I have become aware of being really alone too and the realisation hurts like hell. After a few reminders (!) I’m finally learning where best to put my energy.

  3. Ahh this hits SOOOOO CLOSE to home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html! We are dealing with the effects of this energy of this right now – AGAIN!!! Not paying enough attention to the details was the weakness and someone we invested in is exploiting this to move hubby out of the company. They are WRONG for doing this but since we’ve experienced it before maybe we should’ve learned our lesson the first time. We should’ve been paying better attention to things no matter how much we liked our partner.

    It’s a MOTHER F***ER of a fight right now and We’ll see how things work out. So far the only side coming out on top are the lawyers.

    Wise advice my friend!

  4. When bad things happen people have a tendency to say “these things happen for a reason even though we don’t understand it” and they’re right. Sometimes it keeps happening until people learn their freaking lesson and wise up. I just hope it’s not too late to salvage this situation.

    It is freakishly similar to the last big situation.

  5. I’m better than I used to be, but I’m not quite “out from under”. I need to learn to put me in the picture and worry about me before I’m all worried about every person around me who takes what I have to give – often without even a thank you. Damn.

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