December 11

Six of Wands (Rx): Getting What You Need


I’ve been reflecting on the year, as I’m prone to as every December.

There’s plenty not to like, obviously. I see no benefit in making a list of that.

But there were also milestones and meaning I’ve found that I wouldn’t likely have stumbled onto in a more normal year.

I have a lot more clarity now about what’s most important to me. I’ve faced a few old demons that I wasn’t aware still resided in the basement. I’ve thought a lot about what it means to be a good human being and I feel like the human I am now is at least incrementally better than the human I was a year ago. I call that success.

Next week is probably going to have a similar vibe to this exercise.

Tarot Forecast for Next Week

six of wands rx

For outlook, we have the reversed Six of Wands (fire) and advice is the reversed Five of Swords (Air). I always plan to read fancy cards like these from the Good Tarot as upright. The artwork is just more amenable to upright interpretation, but I cannot bring myself to read these particular cards as anything other than reversed when they show up reversed.

Psychic DJ is giving me this forecast in musical format right about now.

That’s a pretty apt description of the whole of 2020, if not life in general. I don’t even think “getting what you need” is so much an event as it is a process of finding what you need in what you get. It’s always there, in one form or another. We just can’t always see it.

All the scenarios where people fight for what they want, what they “know” as best and true and right strike me as irrelevant, by and large. I have my opinion, you have yours, and they have theirs. And who cares? All the fuss and bother we get sucked into with these back-and-forth true-believer brawls feels like so much static in between radio stations.

Forget that noise. I want to tune into the signal.

There’s a “win some, lose some” quality to life next week. I would neither fight for anything, nor declare myself defeated. Instead, I’d look for what you need in whatever you’ve got. That’s the more adaptive approach and it will feel better, too.

Can you find what you need in what you’ve got?

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