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08/11/12: Hard but Necessary? Ugh!| 6 of Swords


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“We come to beginnings only at the end” –William Throsby Bridges

I’ve been wearing my Moldavite pendant more often lately, even though I often hesitate to put it on all. I can’t always tolerate it’s energy. It can be jarring and disruptive. It can make me feel anxious and jittery sometimes.

You know. Like change.

But here and there, especially when I feel my personal energy or that around me is undergoing a shift, I’ll wear it. It helps transitions go more quickly, realizations arrive faster, although not necessarily without pain. I mean, c’mon. Seeing today’s card (and feeling how I am feeling), transitions are on my mind.

We’ve got the Six of Swords (Mercury in Aquarius). Thoughts (Mercury) in process of detaching (Aquarius). It’s a card of transition and then some! As you see the woman sailing ahead here, notice all the swords. It’s not an easy hop, skip, and jump from where she’s been to where she’s going. There’s a battle-weariness about this trek, a sense of being tired. The hardest part is usually done, but there are still some waves to go.

So I don’t know. Maybe it’s work that has been pulling you under. Maybe it’s all the itchy-scratchy parts of having a kid grow up. Maybe it’s a relationship that’s been broken in ways you didn’t realize. Whatever the transition is about, it’s been hard. It IS hard.

What comfort can Tarot offer? Well, the trip of the Six is well underway, and the most demanding part is likely over. As she’s sailing, i.e. the Water Element is in full force, a lot of the adjustment at this point is emotional. Not prominently pictured in this version but usually present is a rower in the back and sometimes, a child beside her. In other words, she doesn’t make the trip alone. I think this lady has the right idea—head held high, on the lookout, facing right, toward the future.

I won’t say my own transitions have been easy or comfortable or pleasant by any stretch. They never are. Kind of the nature of the beast, you know? But I can say they’ve pretty much universally been necessary. I’m sure the ones I’m feeling today are NO different. So eh, you know? Just got to do it the best you can.

You in transition?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Legacy of the Divine, Moldavite, Six of Swords

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  1. Hi Dixie

    I feel compelled to reply as I lost my beautiful moldovite pendant when the chain broke and fell off me unnoticed while I was walking. I still miss it very much and cannot find a suitable replacement.

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, Lilliput. I got the one I’m wearing on Amazon, they had some with lovely sterling silver chains and settings. I know you have to be careful buying Moldavite, there is fake stuff out there, green glass sold as the stone, but I know the one I got is real because, well, it works, I can feel the stone’s energy.

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