May 21

Six of Cups & Swords: New Beginnings


It’s been “one of those weeks” for me. For you, too?

I could try to blame it on Mercury retro, and for some of the little frustrations and tech glitches, I absolutely do. But for the bigger stuff, I’m eclipse-blaming without hesitation.

I’m just not blaming me. (Or you.)

Beyond just my personal life, what I’m hearing from the folks I talk to leads me to conclude I’m not alone in feeling a bit worn down and anxious as we continue marching forward here. Whether the worries are about yourself or someone you care about, they are quite real.

But like always, the cards have advice. Thank goodness!

Next Week in the Cards

So, it’s not the best photo of the cards today, but you know…we are where we are.

All of us!

For outlook, it’s the Six of Cups. Advice is the Six of Swords (Star Tarot Deck) and for good measure, I pulled one of my new Oracles cards (Earth Magic Oracle)–Dawn, for new beginnings.

Wishing back for the good ol’ days? That’s a distinct possibility with a Six of Cups forecast. Longing for an easier, simpler time when we probably didn’t worry so much about how we’ll manage to make things work out. We just somehow knew it would.

Gifted from one of my peeps. Thank you!

Do realize that the Six of Cups also emphasizes the past is just that–past.  It may be remembrance or nostalgia coming to visit, but you already understand we cannot go back. So many folks may be comparing now with how things used to be and finding now to be coming up a little short.

That’s okay. The now will come up short in some ways when pitted against a fuzzy and potentially romanticized memory. But that doesn’t mean the new won’t outpace the old in other, more important ways.

Any way you slice it, however, it’s a big, fat reminder to appreciate what you’ve got right now.

Live in the moment, baby. That’s really all we’ve got. Fortunately, it’s all we really need.

The antidote for the week’s worries is that Six of Swords, right there. That’s our advice.

While this card is not nearly as squishy-sweet as it’s counterpart from Cups, it’s still keeping pace. They are both sixes, so both in the same part of the cycle here.

Yes, it’s been hard but just keep moving; you’re almost through.

As with every Tarot six, we are looking at cooperative efforts and this card in particular focuses on the journey itself. Anxious among us will be glad to know the journey is already underway by the time we see this card, moving to a better place. We’ve generally got some help moving us along. What’s more, we will be getting there. Yay!

Nonetheless, I’m not going to try to snow you here and say it’s not hard. It’s swords, for goodness sakes! Nobody gets on this boat before having a long, rough ride convincing them to hop on board.

Eclipses, anybody?

But still. Our advice is to just keep moving forward, reaching out for the new shore. We let our partners help row and guide. We accept support and we just keep moving.

I pulled a bonus card from the new oracle deck I was recently gifted for perspective, and we got Dawn: New Beginnings. It’s a reminder to us: we are getting a fresh start. Take it!

Years ago, I used to work overnight at a detox. We’d get intakes in the middle of the night, and after the huge stack of paperwork was done and any folks got settled in, frequently the new client would want to go outside for a smoke (and invariably, some reflection).

More often than you’d expect, this meant sitting outside on a folding chair in the sort-of dark–listening to someone frankly discuss how their lives had spiraled into the train wreck that ends up getting admitted to detox in the middle of the night. So I’d sit and just listen–often through that sort of otherworldly time around 4am, where night is transitioning into day. My most important job always felt like it was bearing witness to this process.

The symbolism of the dawn after a long, hard night wasn’t lost on me. I always knew, however, the outcome of new beginnings are not assured, because it’s up to the each of us individually what we make of it.

Whatever messes there are, we’re in the position and process of leaving them behind. So keep doing it! But remember: what’s in front of you, your future, is your own to command. Granted, you might need a nap before diving right in. But it’s still yours to command.

You’ve earned your ticket on this boat. So make the best of the new beginning, friends.

I’m rooting for you!

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